Food Photography And Styling Course

Food Photography And Styling Course

Food Photography And Styling Course
Learn Better Food Photography on a budget!




Learn to take droolworthy food photos in a short time with what you have in your own kitchen to get paid for doing what you love?

This course will take your food photos to the next level, which means more traffic to your website, more customers, more sponsored opportunities, more income!

Learn about:

  • Choosing the best camera, lens and basic food photography gear
  • How to master your camera settings
  • How to always make your photos perfectly sharp
  • How to use natural light, diffusers and reflectors
  • How to make props highlight your food
  • Different ways to create beautiful food images with composition
  • Using color theory to make your photos stand out
  • How to create action shots
  • How to tell a story with your food photography
  • How to style your food to look mouthwatering
  • How to make your food pop and grab attention with framing and layering

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