Full Stack Automation Bootcamp Level 1 Free Download

Full Stack Automation Bootcamp Level 1 Free Download

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Learn the basics of maven, testng, selenium, html, xpath, chromedriver, restassured, postman, jmeter and burp suite.

What you’ll learn

Set up maven project and dependencies

Set up TestNG Tests and Running TestNG Tests In Parallel

Web UI Tests Automation Using Selenium Methods, HTML, Xpath, Locators and Chrome driver

API Tests Automation Using Restassured and Dummy Rest APIs

Performance Testing Of APIs Using Jmeter HTTP Sampler, Jsonpath and Threadgroup

Security Testing Using Burp Suite, Brute Force Attack, Request Interruption, Web Application Automatic Scanning


Ability to run laptops

and Installation of soft wares

Bner Level Knowledge of Java Classes, Methods and Variables


Learn the basics of maven, TestNG, selenium, HTML, XPath, chrome driver, rest assured, postman, JMeter, and burp suite. Learn how to test and automate testing, performance testing, API testing, and security testing test cases with live examples.This course designed for absolute bners who do not have any exposure in the automation field and wanted to know about different automation techniques and testing.


Section 1: Day 1: Maven Project Set Up, Pom Dependencies, TestNG & First Selenium Test

Lecture 1 Day 1: Maven Project Set Up, Pom Dependencies, TestNG & First Selenium Test

Section 2: Day 2: Html, Xpath, Locators, Multithreading, Postman & Restassured

Lecture 2 HTML, Xpath, Locators & Multithreading

Lecture 3 Postman, API Testing & RestAssured

Section 3: Day 3: Restassured, Jmeter, Jsonpath, Burp Suite, Brute Force Attack & Scanning

Lecture 4 RestAssured, Performance Testing And Jmeter

Lecture 5 Proxy Set Up, Request Modification, Brute Force Attack & Automatic Scanning

Manual Testers,Bner Testers,Bner Automation Eeers,Curious to switch career in testing or automation field

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