Full Time Filmmaker – Travel Video Pro

Full Time Filmmaker – Travel Video Pro

This course gives you an in-depth look at how I plan, shoot, compose, light, choose camera settings, create movement, direct, story tell, edit, and make money as it relates to travel videos.


Download 33gb of my Kauai footage + my Premiere Pro project file for an inside look at how I shoot/edit. Along with a Raw RED 6k file to practice color grading, AND my full Thailand trip itinerary to learn how I plan these trips.


– My Hyundai Kona Hawaii Edit In-Depth Breakdown

– How to Land Big Sponsorships like Hyundai

– Color Grading RED Weapon Fukuoka Japan Footage

– Feedback on FTF Member’s Travel Videos – Sushil Ahire

– Travel Tips for cheap/compact traveling with lots of gear