Full Time Real Estate Photographer!

Full Time Real Estate Photographer!

Full Time Real Estate Photographer!
Real Estate Photography by Rob Moroto




Real Estate Photography is booming and the quality of photography is getting better and better every day. Get on the leading edge, be the best in the industry with a proven technique for composing, shooting, processing and delivering high quality real estate photography.

This course is taught by award winning, master commercial photographer Rob Moroto.

Rob teaches his method of shooting and processing and his method of deciding what and how to shoot. He has been teaching this method for years through in person courses through The Camera Store, online mentoring sessions, and all his staff at Calgary Photos – an industry leader in real estate photography.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional – this method will help you create perfectly colour corrected HDR images in a streamlined method. Rob’s unique technique will provide you with a completely new way to get perfect colour every time even in multiple mixed lighting situations.

Rob will go through his techniques for composition, processing and delivery of photos as well as provide valuable business tips along the way. This course provides instruction on Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Photomatix by HDR Soft. A valuable coupon code for Photomatix will also be provided for students.

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