G-Presets – Janelle Elise Pack 02 Free Download

G-Presets – Janelle Elise Pack 02 Free Download


Janelle Elise Presets Pack 02 aims to create a timeless feeling through preserving color, keeping your photos’ whites white, and adding a punch of vibrancy to your images. If you’re a luxury photographer seeking to elevate your photography without losing what the day actually looked and felt like, these presets are for you.

You’re going to be blown away when you experience how this pack keeps your images true to life while adding a fresh, clean, vibrant punch to them. The best part? Janelle Elise Presets Pack 02 takes into consideration every moment of a wedding day. Whether it’s low lighting during a reception, or bright sunny days, there is a preset in this pack to achieve the timeless, punchy look you desire.

Janelle Elise Pack 02 consist of 8 color presets, and 2 BW presets.

Before and after images below demonstrate how each preset manipulates an image with identical white balance and exposure.