Getting started selling Stock footage

Getting started selling Stock footage

In this class you will learn the basics for selling your video clips on stock footage sites.

You will learn what camera to choose for shooting stock footage, what camera settings work best, what other equipment you might need and how to edit and colour grade your footage in DaVinci Resolve to make your clips suitable for stock and make them stand out.

This class is for students of all levels, from beginners to working videographers and filmmakers with an interest in learning more about getting started selling stock footage.

I’m Logan Bannatyne. I have been passionate about photography since childhood, but I always approached it as an artistic endeavour rather than a job or a career. After a visit to Venice in 2013 that changed when I started wondering where travel guides get their photos from and if perhaps I could sell them some of mine? That’s how I learned about stock photography. After a bumpy start I started putting in the hours and the following year taking photos for stock sites was my full time occupation.

Since then my work has appeared in many major publications globally as well as on billboards, book covers and various other products.

I have been creating and submitting stock footage for two years and it is rapidly becoming my main occupation.