Greg Benz Photography – Dodging & Burning Master Course Free Download

Greg Benz Photography – Dodging & Burning Master Course Free Download

Greg Benz Photography – Dodging & Burning Master Course
English | 7 hrs | Video: 1080p | Project files your images look flat? It is very challenging to create a sense of our 3-dimensional world with a 2-dimensional photograph. The dramatic light you saw may not come through in RAW files. And complex scenes can overwhelm and confuse the viewer. All of these can be addressed with dodging and burning. To help you tackle those challenges, I’ve created the Dodging & Burning Master Course.

What’s included in the course?

This comprehensive course goes well beyond just “dodging and burning” and includes:

7 hours of training videos showing how to dodge and burn to bring your RAW files to life with vibrant light and depth. Broken down into tracks for beginners, intermediate, and advanced photographers to quickly get the instruction you need.
All high-resolution source files for the videos (including all the images on this page) so that you can follow along for 8 different scenes.
A focus on artistic principles to add dimensionality, movement, and depth to your images.
Multiple different scenes and chapters to address a variety of challenges in creating depth, enhancing sidelight, backlight, adding sunlight, landscapes, cityscapes, and black & white images. See the complete course outline for more details.
Written course material designed to augment the videos, as well as provide links to numerous additional free resources and videos.
PDF summaries of all the videos with time-codes to make it easy to follow along, no matter what style of learning you prefer.
Quizzes to help ensure understanding and retention of key concepts.
Access to the course via iOS app, including offline viewing of the videos.
Closed captions in English on all videos (including when using the offline viewer).
Lifetime access to the course.
Hosting on a professional learning management system to facilitate learning. This helps tie all the various written and visual aspects of the course noted above into an easy to navigate interface, along with a commenting system to interact with Greg or students in the course.

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