Greyscalegorilla Plus All Material Collection – (June 2023 Update) Free Download

Greyscalegorilla Plus All Material Collection – (June 2023 Update) Free Download

Greyscalegorilla Plus All Material Collection – (June 2023 Update)

1. Download and install r27 plus hub (I’m unsure of compatibility with older versions).

2. In Cinema 4D got to: Edit > Preferences > “Greyscalegorilla” and set asset folder location to the folder “Greyscalegorilla Plus – (Mar 2023 Update)”. You can also just merge these new assets with you old assets folder.

Broadcast Models: 30 easy-to-use 3D models for professional-looking broadcast designs.
FUI Models: A collection of 80 futuristic interface models that can be used to create animated interfaces quickly and easily.
Night Skies HDRIs: 25 high-quality nighttime HDRIs perfect for creating realistic night scenes for motion design, architecture and broadcast animation.
Perforated Metal Materials: 80 perforated metal materials created specifically for broadcast design that can be used to easily create complex looks.
Perforated Plastic Materials: 15 perforated plastic materials crafted specifically for broadcast design.They include displacement and opacity maps, and offer a wide range of options and looks.
Embossed Metal Materials: 60 assets with black metal, metal, and gold finishes, all created by designers with real-world broadcast design experience.
Embossed Plastic Materials: 20 materials designed by experienced broadcast designers, featuring trendy patterns that can be customized with brand colors.
Carbon Materials: 10 materials ideal for creating a gritty and moody atmosphere.
Retroreflector Materials: A set of 10 reflective materials, useful for a variety of applications such as

Recycled Rubber Materials: A set of 10 recycled, chipped rubber materials that are ideal for any eco-conscious aesthetic.
Rebonded Foam Materials: 5 materials captured from several types of rebonded foam, perfect for high-end abstract renders or packaging animations.
Cork Materials: 10 cork materials sourced from artisan cork creators, with seamless curated patterns.
Composite Wood Materials: 4 materials made from various recycled wood pieces, including a composite wood made entirely of recycled chopsticks!
Recycled Plastic Materials: 10 colorful recycled plastic materials suitable for fun, eco-friendly animations, product renders, and more.
Recycled Clothing Materials: A collection of 6 materials made from recycled jeans and other fabrics, featuring insane unique fiber detail.
Craft Soap Materials: 15 materials sourced from organic natural craft soap artisans. These also work as a natural resin looking material.
Crater Foam Materials: 15 materials made from recycled bits of rubber, that feature super realistic bumpiness, displacement maps, and SSS for realism.
Leather Materials: 30 luxurious and detailed leather materials captured from actual high-end hides. These materials are perfect for shoes, purses, furniture and more.
Suede Materials: 25 materials, captured from actual high-end hides, in a variety of art-directed colors and finishes, giving them a rough and realistic quality. Perfect for jackets, gloves, car interiors and more.

Happy Toolbox Icon Models: A collection of 45 symbolic 3D models that can be used as a 3D replacement for 2D compositions or to add simple visuals to an explainer motion piece.
Happy Toolbox Building Block Models: A set of 42 3D models that can be used to create fun and playful animations quickly.

Greyscalegorilla_Plus_-___40_Jun_2023_Update__41_.part1.rar – 19.0 GB
Greyscalegorilla_Plus_-___40_Jun_2023_Update__41_.part2.rar – 18.3 GB