Gumroad – Essential Rock Creation Techniques Free Download

Gumroad – Essential Rock Creation Techniques Free Download

In this fully narrated, step-by-step tutorial Daniel Castillo teams up with Levelup.Digital to share his impressive sculpting and texturing techniques for creating rocks. This is an essential lesson for anyone looking to learn how to create game-ready, realistic rocks from start to finish.

Daniel starts by sharing his sculpting workflow and brushes in ZBrush, followed by low poly, UVs, and map baking. The tutorial also covers texturing in Substance Painter as well as his presentation in Marmoset Toolbag.

Whether you’re new to rock creation, or an experienced professional, get ready to pick up some useful tools and techniques!

Daniel Castillo is an Environment Artist from Spain well know for his amazing rock sculpts. His distinct and clean style really sets his work apart. He has experience working at Machine Games in Sweden and Mercury Steam in Madrid.


– 6 hours narrated, step-by-step video tutorial

– 1080 Resolution

– Stream video directly (for Studios who need downloadable files, get in touch)

– UI settings
– ZMaterials
– Brushes

Software Used
– ZBrush
– Substance Painter
– Blender
– xNormal
– Marmoset Toolbag