Highlights – Creative Processing by Maria Lipina

Highlights – Creative Processing by Maria Lipina

Highlights – Creative Processing by Maria Lipina
https://highlights.guru/workshops/view/54Maria Lipina at the master class will share the secrets of working with color and toning. In the lesson we will look at how to make atmospheric work from an ordinary shot with an idea and a unique style. Collage elements, assemblies of finished work from other shots, toning techniques, how to work with effects and how best not to work will be shown)) Maria will show her personal proven techniques that she uses. It is always important to add a picture of uniqueness and distinguish it from the gray mass, and Masha can do this like no one else and the main task of the master class is to teach this to the audience.

Lesson plan:
– Preparation of RAW in Lightroom. “Blank” for art photography. Working with channels and curves in Lightroom.
– Composition. Work with space. Transform, Lens Correction.
– Elements of collage. We collect the model with successful frames. Lasso, quick selection, Magic tool, pen tool. Smart selection, selection of complex objects with an uneven edge.
– “Cleaning” photos – remove defects on the face, “iron” dresses, change parts of the background, remove large excess objects in the frame.
– Selective color correction. Coloring in general. Emphasis. color balance, selective color, hue / saturation.
– Adding contrast. Work with curves.
– Work with plastic. (splendor of a dress, growth of a model, lengthening of a train of a dress or hair) – Adding effects. (adding smoke, sunlight, etc.). Where to get and how to use textures correctly, how to create your own textures. Blend modes for texture layers. – Work with plugins

You will learn
– Create an atmosphere in your photos!
– Create beautiful and realistic collages
– Work with the composition and build a picture
– Shoot specifically for collage
– Combine colors correctly
– Accentuate and work out the details

Language: Russian

Highlights_-_Creative_Processing_by_Maria_Lipina.part2.rar – 3.0 GB
Highlights_-_Creative_Processing_by_Maria_Lipina.part1.rar – 3.0 GB
Highlights_-_Creative_Processing_by_Maria_Lipina.part3.rar – 2.0 GB

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