How to do Arabic Calligraphy (Beginners Course) Free Download

How to do Arabic Calligraphy (Beginners Course)In this class ,I ll teach you Arabic calligraphy in very simple steps.
1. You ll be shown all tools and resources necessary to begin with.
2. I ll share with you everything about writing; from holding your pen (qalam) ,using different and angles, and how to do basic strokes to get started with Arabic calligraphy.
3.Forming a letter.
4. Learning to write similar looking letters together; so u can learn more in short time.
5.Full support ;Q and Answers on discussion forum and 30 minutes Zoom session to all my students.(pls email me for timings).
5.Sharing Tips to make your work stand out.
6. Follow each other on social medias to form a thriving,supportive and helpful community.