How to Draw 101: Drawing & Sketching in 3D Using Perspective Free Download

How to Draw 101: Drawing & Sketching in 3D Using Perspective Free Download

 How to Draw 101: Drawing & Sketching in 3D Using Perspective
In this beginner drawing class you can learn step by step how to recognize the 3D structures of real-life subjects, and how to draw believable 3D forms with your pencil in order to create the illusion of 3-dimensionality in the viewer.

We will use the basic principles of volumetric drawing and perspective drawing to create depth on the 2-dimensional paper.

Understanding volumes, depth & space is an essential drawing skill that you will use all the time in your artistic carrier.

What previous drawing experience do you need?

Some basic drawing skills would be useful (check out the 1st episode of this series), but not mandatory for this class. I designed the lessons in a way that you can also benefit from it with very little or zero previous drawing experience.

What drawing tools do you need?

You can enroll in this beginner drawing class without any special drawing tool. I’ll be using a regular 2B graphite pencil, and cheap office papers. But you can use any drawing tool you like or have (pen, marker, crayon).

What can you expect by completing this class?

You will have the opportunity to understand how complex 3D forms are built from simple building blocks, and recognize the 3D structure of any subject you see. Also, we’ll be drawing simple and more complex forms using the rules of perspective drawing (1-point, 2-point, and 3-point perspective). First, we will draw the simplest basic 3D shapes from any angle: the cube, the cylinder, the sphere, the cone, the pyramid, and the torus. Then, we will discover how to make different transformations (like rotation, bending, twisting, stretching) on these basic shapes to get more complex forms. To practice what you’ve learned we’ll be doing plenty of drawing exercises. We’ll be sketching & drawing a lot.