How To Get Your First Filmmaking Job – Filmmaker Pro

How To Get Your First Filmmaking Job – Filmmaker Pro

In this class you will learn the basics of filmmaking and how to reach out to companies so they can hire you. You gotta learn it to earn it, so first learn the basics, create content, learn from your mistakes, build a portfolio, & finally reach out to clients.

Topics You’ll Learn In This Class:

  • Intro
  • Best Gear
  • Settings
  • Shooting
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Business

What You Will Get Out Of This Class:

In this class you will go from a complete beginner to being confidence and reaching out to companies to hire you for your services. You can also use these skills to create your own personal brand and promote your products in a creative and emotional way. Cause that’s what you want to do, create emotion in your brand to market your business.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of This Class:

Don’t just watch my content and not take action. I promise you if you take notes, practice what you preach, re watch some of the videos, and follow along what you’re watching. I guarantee you will get your first filmmaking job, you already did the first part which is investing in yourself. Now educate yourself and get to work.