How To Write Awesome Explainer Video Scripts In 3 Easy Steps

How To Write Awesome Explainer Video Scripts In 3 Easy Steps

Explainer and sales videos copywriting & recording. Sell ecommerce products, business coaching, Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Imagine being able to quickly write high converting short video scripts for any subject you choose. No more worrying about how to get started, what information to include or the correct words to use. In three easy to follow steps I will personally guide you through my 3 Step Process of writing persuasive video scripts that you can use to sell absolutely anything.

This method has been tried and tested by me over the last 5 years to create more than 500 video scripts and explainer videos for businesses and organisations around the world.

Using 2 unique product and service case studies as examples – I break everything down into the following 3 Steps:

  • STEP 1. Five Crucial Questions to get the process started
  • STEP 2. Adding the answers to the Script Matrix
  • STEP 3. Editing the final copy and preparing the explainer video for the voice over artist

I’ve also added extra lectures to the end of each case study to demonstrate how the final script sounds and looks on video.

As you can see below, each case study is for a different niche and each niche has its own case notes and a blank templates for you to download and practice with.

The 2 case study subjects are:

  • Local Estate Agents (online and offline local business)
  • E commerce Script (Online book sales)

On top of all this, you also get lots of tips and suggestions to help you create powerful and compelling scripts that encourage video viewers to take action.

It’s a well-known fact that I’ve seen proven repeatedly – A properly structured and well written explainer video script will massively increase your conversions and sales. That’s what you are about to learn with my course today.