INSYDIUM Cycles 4D Free Download

INSYDIUM Cycles 4D Free Download

Cycles 4D is a dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles rendering engine directly inside Cinema 4D without the need for an external application.


With Cycles 4D and X-Particles, the challenges of working on a complex 3D scene are made simple.

Assessing the final result of your materials and lighting is easy with the fast and responsive Real-Time preview. Cryptomatte makes separating multiple scene elements fully automatic, saving hours of precious production time.

Cycles 4D, with its flexible nodes based system, means the power and speed of the Cycles render engine is fully accessible within Cinema 4D.

Creating stunning results has never been so easy.


Cycles 4D is a complete extension to the Cinema 4D workflow. Access many parts of Cinema 4D directly in the Node Editor, giving you full control over your scene assets. Cycles 4D integrates seamlessly into your working environment. (C4D R14-R21)

Supported Cinema 4D Core Features:

  • Cinema 4D Shader Conversion
  • Real-Time Preview
  • MoGraph Color
  • Cloner Instancing
  • Render Instancing
  • MoGraph Matrix
  • Hair
  • Texture Baking
  • Team Rendering
  • Takes & Tokens
  • Full X-Presso support for Node Attributes


Cycles is a physically based, unbiased GPU/CPU render engine developed by the Blender Foundation and made available under the Apache 2 licensing system.

Real-Time Preview window
Gives you a high-quality render which updates as you make changes in your viewport.

Node Editor
Functional and easy to use, mix and add unlimited nodes together faster than ever.

Principled Volume
Enhanced workflow for ExplosiaFX, render lights and objects as full volumetrics. Add noises and ramps for stunning results.

A matte generator that can export masses of highly accurate mattes, shortening the compositing process immensely without compromising the image.

Random Walk Subsurface Scattering
Using Pixar’s SSS technology, Cycles 4D comes with a fast SSS node giving you the ability to render Skin, Marble, Translucent and many other organic effects.

Simulate real-world effects of Smoke, Fire and Advection. Cycles 4D has unlimited access to our ExplosiaFX Core.

Cycles 4D Instance tag
The inbuilt Cycles 4D instance tag lets you generate instances at render time, with support for X-Particles, and the MoGraph Matrix object.

Principled Shader
The Principled BSDF is based on the Disney principled model also known as the ‘PBR’ Shader.

High Dynamic Range Image Browser
Inbuilt HDRI Browser links to your ten complimentary and all your custom HDR images within Cycles 4D Environment object.

Principled Hair
A physically based easy to use shader for rendering hair and fur.

Shadow Catcher
Shadow Catcher allows you to select an object and set it up in a way that it becomes transparent, but still receives shadows from other objects.

IES – Illuminating Engineering Society
Adjustable light source effects most widely used in architectural visualisations to provide realistic lighting within interior/exterior scenes.

Ambient Occlusion
Ambient Occlusion uses Principled Shaders, creating shadow detail maps for highly realistic material effects.

Micropolygon displacement, using simple geometry to create incredible detail, from the inbuilt noise nodes to your own textures.

Motion Blur
Every animation needs real motion blur to push the level of realism; with Cycles 4D you can add motion blur as a global or per object effect.

Depth of Field
Use physically correct camera settings to create stunning Depth of Field, test it out in real time in the Real-Time Preview.

NOTE: As from Cycles 4D Build 294 onwards OpenCL on MacOSX will no longer be supported. Blender Cycles have made the decision to remove support for OpenCL due to Apple’s deprecation of the OpenGL and OpenCL environments

Cycles 4D works on Macs, but you will be unable to utilize your computers GPU’s.


Cycles 4D is a dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles rendering engine directly inside Cinema 4D. Cycles is Blenders physically-based production renderer which uses your GPU/CPU for faster rendering.

A powerful and versatile workflow

Cycles 4D’s material system is completely nodal, giving you the power to create unlimited materials and effects. INSYDIUM has designed the system with users in mind, making a modern nodal system that works and feels like an extension of Cinema 4D. You’ll find our nodes functional, easy to use and incredibly fast.

Flexible Nodes

  • Each individual setting has its own slider bar which works smoothly.
  • For precise numbers, double click and add specific values.
  • If you wish to use keyframes, you can.
  • Double click on nodes to collapse them automatically, you can hide input and outputs that aren’t in use.
  • Make custom nodes by using the powerful grouping system.
  • Building an extensive node tree does not slow down or cause lag in the Node Editor.
  • Three types of Connections between nodes – Small tangents, Bezier or Linear connection.