Introduction to UAVs


Introduction to UAVs

Introduction to UAVs
Introduction UAVs & Drones & quadcopters

What you’ll learn:
Types of engines in UAVs
Application of UAVs in various industries
Quadcopter recognition
Recognize radio control
How to fly a quadcopter with radio control

This course covers general information and does not require a prerequisite.

This course is about UAVs, which we will teach in general, and we will teach you about history, engines, and anything else related to UAV topics. After the initial explanation, we will discuss the engines and the quadcopter and radio control. The remarkable thing about this course can be that in the last part, we will discuss how to fly a quadcopter by radio control and you will have a complete tutorial on it, so those who are interested in UAVs and flying it can use this course in this course, we will also talk about the types of UAVs and their applications, and in general, but briefly, you will get acquainted with the types of UAVs. One of the most important features of this short course is its usefulness and it can be very useful for friends who are interested in short-term training. International and new sources and information have been used in this course. In the end, we can say about this period that this period was short, but it refers to the current information in the field of UAVs.