Jason Capital – Storytelling God Free Download

Jason Capital – Storytelling God Free Download

Jason Capital – Storytelling God
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Author: Jason Capital
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In Conversation God, you’ll discover.
– How to talk with anyone without fear of rejection.
– How to ignite a conversation that rapidly leads to sex.

– How to get your head into the right place to have a great conversation (and get OUT of your own head).
– How to keep a girl from losing interest.
– How to get her to invest herself in the conversation (and actually beg you not to leave!).
– How to LISTEN in a way she actually starts revealing her innermost self.
– Three ingredients of a beautiful conversation
– How to not bore women about 2 minutes into the conversation.
– How to create charisma on command.
– The #1 behavior that’s a magic bullet for rapid connection with anyone.
– How to approach the crucial “first ten seconds” (if you don’t know how to do this, you might as well hang it up).
– How to speak with more emotion, passion and impact.
– How to effortlessly start making new friends at a new event, place or party.
– An easy as cake way to pull fascinating topics out of thin air.
– The great trick for grabbing a listener’s attention.
– How great conversationalists are also viewed as having incredible charisma.
– Afraid of awkward silences? How to never run out of things to say.
– The power of being agreeable-yet still be a challenge (This works wonders on beautiful girls-they’re putty in your hands).
– Why there are no bad answers-just bad reactions.
– How to use questions and statements to open up someone (gently).
– The mechanics of great conversation, step by step (The nuts and bolts that keep it together).
– How to change subjects effortlessly.
– Talk about the (white) elephant in the room without pissing everybody off.
– How to use conversation tactics to become more attractive to women.
– Why reviving dead topics is the kiss of death.
– The best-kept secrets of great communicators.
– How to transition from playful conversations to more meaningful ones
– The lost art of good conversation: a mindful way to connect with others and enrich everyday life.
– How to end a conversation (without being an asshole).
– Keys to talking to anyone, anywhere.
– How to get the other person to agree to your perspective.
– The perfect all-situation conversation opener. What to say to get strangers, officials, even your boss, to open up to you.
– Why silence is golden (and why you should embrace the pregnant pause).
– How to transition from topic to topic.
– How to give off that instant badass vibe that AUTOMATICALLY makes people like you
– How to keep conversation going all night long with a girl.
– The best ways to use eye contact.
– How I sold my Aston Martin for top dollar using just conversation.
– How to make a girl start a conversation with you rather than you starting it with her (a biggie for most guys).
– Should you be the life of the party or the strong dominant one?.
– Deal with difficult or angry people (all you have to do is listen, and then ask one important question).
– A sneaky technique to keep the conversation going and going.
– Get yourself noticed, stand out from the crowd, and gain the success and respect that will make you the envy of others.

Plus We’re Going to Specifically Deal with Conversations With Hot Girls the hotter and sexier the better.
– What I do and say to make 9s and 10s attracted to me.
– How to spark sexual tension.
– How to physically escalate on a hot girl without fear of rejection.
– How to move from banter and attraction to the bedroom.
– The most fun and high status way to introduce the questions game.
– How to know if she’s DTF that night.
– How to create conversation out of thin air.
– The wild answer to knowing if she has a boyfriend or not. Same goes if she’s a lesbian.
– How to approach without being needy.
– What to say when you’ve got say.
– How to have great conversations over the Internet without resorting to dick pics.
– How to lead conversations with really shy girls that are mostly silent and don’t ask many questions.
– How to have a conversation with a client/girl and make then say to themselves “Wow, he’s different”.
– How to create your own “reality distortion field”.
– How to not to take yourself so seriously.
– How to be less intimidating to women when you approach for the first time.
– How to open up a conversation in a gym environment?.
– Should you be doing a lot of eye contact with a girl before talking to her or just act like you don’t give a fvck?.
– How to get a woman to buy you drinks even though you’ve never met before.
– My favorite line for opening a girl you don’t know.
– Conversation topics so she’ll remember you.

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