Java High-Performance Applications With Java 9 2-In-1 Free Download

Java High-Performance Applications With Java 9 2-In-1 Free Download

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Build modern and scalable enterprise applications using Java 9 and Java EE 8 to become a professional Java developer

What you’ll learn

Build real enterprise Java applications including a website and a microservice

Create efficient programs that leverage the multi-core architecture of the CPU using Java 9’s features

Gain practical experience of Java 9, including modules, the Streams API, the Collections API, multi-level JARs and HTTP/2 clients

Build a HTTP metrics aggregator application using various concurrent techniques

Use the Reactive programming model to create efficient programs

Control a huge amount of traffic using the aggregator in Java 9


Prior programming experience of Java is required.


A lot of applications built today need to handle huge amounts of traffic in low latency. Java is a very popular language and JVM is a popular platform to build high-performance programs in Java. Java 9 adds reactive programming as a first class citizen to handle traffic in a multi-threaded and concurrent way.This comprehensive 2-in-1 course is comprehensive, hands-on course with use of proper tooling to monitor our applications and write code. Master the new features and APIs of Java 9 to implement highly efficient and reliable code. Develop a working Java Website and RESTful microservices by learning best practices. Build enterprise-level Java apps to become a skilled Java programmer in your organization.Contents and OverviewThis training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.The first course, Writing High Performance Java Application in Java 9, covers how to monitor applications and write code in high concurrent with the proper tools. You’ll explore the different kinds of locking available in JAVA 9 and get to know when you should use which kind of locks. Finally, you’ll see what tools are shipped with the JDK 9 and know how to use them properly. You’ll see how Java Memory Model affects the performance of your programs.The second course, Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Java 9, covers creation of modern and scalable enterprise applications using Java 9 and Java EE 8 and become a professional Java developer. You’ll learn how to extract a component from our website as a standalone microservice and decouple your microservice to allow it to be reused within an organization. Delve into Java 9 technologies such as JShell, modules, the Streams API, Multi-Jar, Process APIs, and HTTP/2 clients.By the end of this course, you’ll build modern and scalable enterprise applications using Java 9 and Java EE 8 to become a professional Java developer.About the Authors● Tomasz Lelek is a Software Eeer who programs mostly in Java and Scala. He is a fan of microservice architectures and functional programming. He dedicates considerable and effort to be better every day. Recently, he’s been delving into big data technologies such as Apache Spark and Hadoop. He is passionate about nearly everything associated with software development. Tomasz thinks that we should always try to consider different solutions and approaches to solving a problem. Recently, he was a speaker at several conferences in Poland – Confitura and JDD (Java Developer’s Day) and also at Krakow Scala User Group. He also conducted a live coding session at Geecon Conference. ● Martin Farrell is an independent Java consultant and trainer based in Edinburgh, UK, with over 18 years’ Java experience. He has consulted across a range of businesses from banking to telecommunications and Silicon Valley start-ups. He also blogs about Java and Spring technologies, and is Most Valuable Blogger at dzone. When not consulting, Martin likes to spend with his wife and two children. He is also a keen cyclist and triathlete.


Section 1: Writing High Performance Java application in Java 9

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Java Memory Model

Lecture 3 Hardware Affinity

Lecture 4 JVM Intrinsic Functions

Lecture 5 Understanding and Analyzing Bytecode

Lecture 6 Optimistic Locking Versus Pessimistic Locking

Lecture 7 CompareAndSet Structures

Lecture 8 Coordinating Threads

Lecture 9 Java 9 – Reactive Streams

Lecture 10 Detecting Memory Leaks – JVisualVM

Lecture 11 Examining CPU and Resources Usage

Lecture 12 Summary of Writing High Performance Java Applications

Section 2: Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Java 9

Lecture 13 The Course Overview

Lecture 14 Installing Java 9

Lecture 15 Installing Eclipse

Lecture 16 Installing Open Liberty

Lecture 17 Installing Apache Derby

Lecture 18 Exploring Our Marathon Entry System and Use Cases

Lecture 19 Introduction to JSF

Lecture 20 Displaying Data with JSF

Lecture 21 Inputting Data with JSF

Lecture 22 HTTP/2 Server Push

Lecture 23 What Is CDI?

Lecture 24 Developing Our Payment Service Using CDI

Lecture 25 Using Default Methods on Our Payment Service

Lecture 26 Data Access in Java

Lecture 27 Configuring Data Access in Open Liberty

Lecture 28 Introduction to JPA Mapping

Lecture 29 JPA – Mapping Relationships

Lecture 30 What Is a Microservice?

Lecture 31 Developing a Healthcheck Microservice

Lecture 32 Developing a Payment Microservice

Lecture 33 Introduction to Java Modules

Lecture 34 Java 9 Modules Examples

Lecture 35 Java 9 Multi-Release Jars

Programmers who want to take their knowledge of Java to the next level by learning to build enterprise-level applications using Java 9 and its new features.,Software eeers with professional experience in Java who want to create very efficient and high-performance applications in Java 9.

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