Kreativ Wedding – Editing Presets Pack Free Download

Kreativ Wedding – Editing Presets Pack Free Download

This preset pack is from a style shoot we did in Venice in early 2020. After the shoot, we got a lot of questions about the preset. Since we have changed our look in the last 2 years in a natural softer way, this small pack is a perfect transition from the brownish – desaturated style to the more natural soft style.

You can see the original look from the shoot on our blog. ( kwpxvenice-original )

In the beginning of 2022 we reworked the shoot and added this look to the pack as well. ( kwpxvenice-classic )

Included in the purchase price:

3 main preset color kreativ wedding Lightroom desktop presets kwpxvenice

01. kwpxvenice-classic // The new edit and one of the new look of kreativ wedding // Soft, light and natural

02. kwpxvenice-natural // The new edit in a more natural way

03. kwpxvenice-original // The Original Preset and edit from 2022 like on our blog // contrast, antik, brown

04. kwpxvenice-sw

05. kwpxvenice-sw-02