Learn Procreate + Digital Art Basics

Learn Procreate + Digital Art Basics

Learn Procreate + Digital Art Basics

In the first lesson, there are seven parts. You will learn all about the Procreate app, you will learn what tools there are and how to use them. The tools you will learn are the brushes, color, layers, quick lines, selection, adjustments, and symmetry. Everything that you learn in the section will help you in completing projects we create together.

In the second lesson two we make a project together, this project is designed to help beginners learn a bit about art, and build confidence. They will have the project of creating a cartoon from a photo. We create this together!

In lesson three I go more in-depth on teaching you how to create custom brushes.

In lesson four we talk about the digital art basics, I walk you through a quick example of creating a character.

In lesson five there are two parts. I will go over lettering and typography and we will create two custom text together in Procreate.

Beginners Guide to Procreate: 

    • Learning the Toolbar
    • Creating a cartoon from a photo
    • Making your own brushes
    • Creating a person
    • Lettering Tips

Here’s an in-depth overview of how to use the Procreate app on the iPad. You will learn everything you need to know to go from knowing nothing about procreate or Digital Art to confidently using the Procreate App and even understanding the basics of drawing characters.

I make it fun and entertaining to learn, Whether you’re brand new to drawing digital art or you just want a better understanding of how to navigate the Procreate app, enroll now to get started.