Learning Path Build Phonegap Apps With Javascript & Jquery Free Download

Learning Path Build Phonegap Apps With Javascript & Jquery Free Download

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Develop cross-platform PhoneGap apps with javascript and jQuery

What you’ll learn

Learn the basic syntax of javascript and how to declare variables and create functions.

Learn to write loops in javascript functions.

Unleash the power of jQuery in your applications.

Explore Document Object Model and how to manipulate it with javascript and jQuery.

Work on setting up the PhoneGap environment for building hybrid applications.

Create a simple but useful productivity app.

Interfacing with native device features, including the camera, microphone, file system, and more.

Learn how to interact with the database using PhoneGap.

Learn to secure mobile applications.


Basic knowledge of HTML.

Basic knowledge of CSS.


Are you a developer who wants to build mobile applications with the help of web technologies? Do you want to develop a cross-platform mobile applications using Adobe PhoneGap? If yes, this Learning Path is for you.

Adobe PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework that is used for developing hybrid mobile applications. It allows you to develop mobile applications that run on all popular mobile OS platforms, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. PhoneGap apps are developed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and javascript. So, with the help of these web technologies, one can build amazing cross-platform mobile applications.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

This Learning Path starts with an introduction to javascript wherein you will learn basic the javascript syntax such as comments, operators, and more. You will also learn to declare functions and write different loops inside it. Then, you will learn about Document Object Model (DOM) in javascript. Next, you will be familiar with jQuery, a javascript library and the use of jQuery in your projects. As the Learning Path progresses, you will be introduced to the concept of mobile hybrid applications and how PhoneGap can help you create applications that can function on different platforms. You will also learn to set up the PhoneGap development environment and will be guided through creating a simple application that uses some of the core features of PhoneGap. Finally, you will learn the complex uses of PhoneGap such as, interacting with external servers, dealing with security, testing, and automation.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will be able to utilize your learnings effectively to develop cross-platform PhoneGap applications.

About the Authors

For this course, we have combined the best works of these esteemed authors

Chip Lambert has been developing websites and web applications for almost 20 years. He has authored two other books for Packt Publishing: Instant RESS Implementation How-To and Mastering jQuery Mobile. He is currently a software eeer for Jenzabar Inc. and an online instructor for Bluefield College, teaching courses in web and mobile application development.

Kerri Shotts has worked with computers for nearly twenty-four years. Her love for technology and programming started when she was introduced to her first computer: a Commodore 64. She obtained a degree in Computer Science. Now she works as a Technology Consultant thereby creating, designing, and maintaining custom applications (both desktop and mobile), websites, graphics and logos, and more for her clients. She is the author of five prior books published by Packt.


Section 1: Bning javascript and jQuery

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Introduction to javascript

Lecture 3 Basic javascript Syntax

Lecture 4 Variables

Lecture 5 Functions

Lecture 6 For Loop

Lecture 7 While and Do While Loops

Lecture 8 if Statement

Lecture 9 Switch Statement

Lecture 10 What Is the DOM?

Lecture 11 Accessing the DOM

Lecture 12 Manipulating the DOM

Lecture 13 jquery Fundamentals

Lecture 14 Using jQuery: Local Versus CDN

Lecture 15 Basic jQuery Example

Lecture 16 Accessing the DOM with jQuery

Lecture 17 Updating the Elements and Content

Lecture 18 Inserting the Elements and Content

Lecture 19 Playing with Forms

Lecture 20 CSS Fun

Lecture 21 A Quick Look at Events

Section 2: Getting Started with PhoneGap

Lecture 22 The Course Overview

Lecture 23 Leveraging Web Technologies

Lecture 24 Interfacing with Native Features

Lecture 25 Cross Platform

Lecture 26 History of PhoneGap

Lecture 27 Cordova Versus PhoneGap

Lecture 28 How Does PhoneGap Work?

Lecture 29 PhoneGap CLI

Lecture 30 PhoneGap Build

Lecture 31 PhoneGap Desktop/Developer App

Lecture 32 ing and Installing Node.js –macOS

Lecture 33 ing and Installing Node.js – Linux

Lecture 34 ing and Installing Node.js – Windows

Lecture 35 ing and Installing Xcode

Lecture 36 Configuring Xcode

Lecture 37 ing and Installing Android Studio –macOS

Lecture 38 ing and Installing Android Studio – Linux

Lecture 39 ing and Installing Android Studio – Windows

Lecture 40 Installing the CLIs

Lecture 41 Project Management

Lecture 42 Editing config.xml

Lecture 43 Investigating the Initial Template

Lecture 44 Running on iOS

Lecture 45 Running on Android

Lecture 46 What Is a Framework?

Lecture 47 Choosing a Framework

Lecture 48 Our Frameworkl

Lecture 49 Designing Filer’s User Interface

Lecture 50 Designing Filer’s Models

Lecture 51 Folder Structure and Terms

Lecture 52 Supporting Android and iOS Themes

Lecture 53 Additional Image Assets

Lecture 54 Store and local Storage Adapter

Lecture 55 Entity Model

Lecture 56 Piece and Text Piece Models

Lecture 57 Text Note Model

Lecture 58 Notes Model

Lecture 59 From Design to View

Lecture 60 Writing the javascript for Notes

Lecture 61 From Design to View

Lecture 62 Writing the javascript

Lecture 63 Wrapping it all up

Lecture 64 Demonstration and Ideas for Improvement

This Learning Path is for mobile developers who want to develop hybrid mobile applications using PhoneGap. Also, web developers who wish to learn hybrid mobile application development will find the Learning Path useful.

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