Learning Path Mastering Entity Framework Core Free Download

Learning Path Mastering Entity Framework Core Free Download

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Explore & Master Entity Framework for developers with the latest features

What you’ll learn

Understand what ORM tools are and what problems they solve

Create a new .Net project with Entity Framework Core Mode

Understand how to persist application data to a database using Entity Framework Api.

Query the data using Linq and gain insight in how Linq fits into Entity Framework

Get Familiar with mapping entities explore possible types of relationships for database model

Understand how to create, update and delete data, commonly referred to as CUD operations

Explore data validation using attributes and use validation inside MVC controllers

Dive into advance query and update techniques such as joins and access stored procedures and views

Explore how to enhance the performance or scalability of Entity Framework Core


Basic C# Skills

Basic Database Skills Are Helpful

Windows based machine

SQL Server Developer or Express Edition

Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or Better


Entity framework Core is a powerful Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that offers an automated mechanism to developers for storing and accessing the data in the database. It is designed to be extensible, lightweight and support cross platform development. This Video learning Path will provide .NET developers with this knowledge and guide them through working efficiently with data and will help you in Mastering Entity Framework Core.

The highlights of this Learning Path are

Explore advantage of Entity Framework and ORM Concepts.

Create New .Net Project with Entity Framework Core Model

Get Expertise on Mapping entities and database structure

Get Grips on the New features in Entity Framework Core

Perform migrations and protect existing data during rename operations

Master advanced query techniques

Delve into concurrency handling and understand transactions

You will start by understanding ORM concepts. Further you will learn to build your first sample project to see EF in action. Then know how to create mapping between objects and database structures. Learn how to create, retrieve, update and delete the data in a relational database using Entity Framework Core. This technology will allow you to deploy your data access logic across platform while eliminating the need to maintain database structure separately. You will then move to database configuration and learn how to write classes that define database structure. You will see how Linq can be used with Entity Framework to give you access to your stored data. You will then learn how to use Entity Framework to persist information in a relational database management system, such as SQL Server. You will explore Data Validation and learn how to implement data validation inside our model using attributes. You will also dive into Advanced Query Techniques. Then you will proceed to create custom migrations that update database schema. Finally you will dedicated to testing and setting up further learning path.

By the end of the Video learning Path course you will acquire necessary skills to program many applications helping you Master Entity Framework Core.

Meet Your Expert

Sergey Barskiy has a Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science with over 20 years’ experience in Software Development. Sergey has architected and coded many software projects using Microsoft technologies for over 15 years. Presently he is working as an Architect with Tyler Technologies, the largest provider of municipal government software in the United States. He was a Microsoft MVP in IIS/ASP.NET for years, in the division that works on Entity Framework at Microsoft. He has used Entity Framework on large projects, starting with the first beta in 2008. He has been working on web applications for almost a decade. He is familiar with a number of web technologies, such as Angular, Web API, and other web frameworks He feels he has a lot to share with audiences, given that he wrote a book on Entity Framework and authored a video on using Angular 2 in an MVC Core application. He has been using EF and .NET on a daily basis for almost a decade.


Section 1: Mastering Entity Framework Core – Mapping, Querying and Manipulating Data

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Quick Dive into Object Relational Mapping

Lecture 3 Understanding Entity Framework Core Concepts

Lecture 4 Working with .NET Core

Lecture 5 EF Capabilities and Architecture

Lecture 6 Prerequisites to Creating an ASP.NET Core Application

Lecture 7 Command Line Interface for .NET Core

Lecture 8 Create New Project Using VS 2017 with Entity Framework

Lecture 9 Configure Entity Framework in an ASP.NET Core Project

Lecture 10 Creating Simple Model and Create a Database for the Application

Lecture 11 Save and Query a New Record

Lecture 12 Mapping Classes to Tables

Lecture 13 Mapping Properties to Columns

Lecture 14 One-to-many Relationships

Lecture 15 Many-to-many Relationships

Lecture 16 One-to-one Relationships

Lecture 17 Using LINQ, Method, and Query Syntax

Lecture 18 Simple Queries, Using Order By, and Where Clauses

Lecture 19 Aggregations

Lecture 20 Using Projections

Lecture 21 Including Child Records

Lecture 22 Performance Considerations

Lecture 23 Create a Web API Controller with CRUD Operations

Lecture 24 Insert Data

Lecture 25 Update Data

Lecture 26 Delete Data

Section 2: Mastering Entity Framework Core – Advanced Querying, Migrations and Testing

Lecture 27 The Course Overview

Lecture 28 Implementing Data Validation Using Attributes

Lecture 29 Validation In Controllers

Lecture 30 Exposing Validation in MVC Views

Lecture 31 Using Business Objects for Validation

Lecture 32 Windowing Functions

Lecture 33 Working with Joins

Lecture 34 Left Outer Joins and Unions

Lecture 35 Using Stored Procedures and Views

Lecture 36 Asynchronous Code

Lecture 37 Profiling Queries and Logging

Lecture 38 General Performance Tips

Lecture 39 Concurrency Handling

Lecture 40 Understanding Transactions

Lecture 41 Using Repository Pattern With EF

Lecture 42 Automatic Migrations

Lecture 43 Migrations API

Lecture 44 Manual Migrations

Lecture 45 Handling Existing Data

Lecture 46 Creating Integration Tests

Lecture 47 Creating Unit Tests

Lecture 48 Reverse Eeer Context for an Existing Database

Lecture 0 Other Databases and Runs

This Video Learning Path is aimed at developers who are somewhat familiar with Entity Framework and .NET Core, and who want to develop or extend their knowledge of Entity Framework Core and see practical examples on how to use it in .NET Core Web applications.