Learning Path R Complete Data Visualization With R Free Download

Learning Path R Complete Data Visualization With R Free Download

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Grasp the visualization capabilities of R to build interactive graphs, plots, and pie charts

What you’ll learn

Create simple and quick visualizations using the basic graphic tools in R

Implement interactive visualizations using ggplot2

Perform predictive modeling and create animated applications

Visualize data using different kind of Maps

Learn to create Plot function and merge multiple charts

Create presentations and learn the basics of creating apps in R

Introduce users to basic R functions and data manipulation techniques while creating meaningful visualizations

Make sense of data by adding elements, text, animation, and colors to your plot

Generate sunflower plots, hexbin plots, Chernoff faces, and so on

Master network, radial, and coxcomb plots


Good knowledge of R programming is expected


R is one of the most widely used language for data and graph analysis. It is platform-independent and allows users to load various packages as well as develop their own packages to interpret data better. This Learning Path is packed with practical recipes, designed to provide you with all the guidance needed to get to grips with data visualization with R. So, if you’re a data science professional and want to learn about the powerful data visualization techniques of R, then go for this Learning Path.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

The highlights of this Learning Path are

Create simple and quick visualizations using the basic graphic tools in R

Visualize data using different kind of Maps

Generate sunflower plots, hexbin plots, Chernoff faces, and so on

Explore network, radial, and coxcomb plots.

Let’s take a quick look at your learning journey. You will start with the basics of R plots and an introduction to heat maps and customizing them. After this, you will learn to create interactive maps using the googleVis package. You will then generate choropleth maps and contouring maps, bubble plots, and pie charts. Next, you will dive into constructing 3D plots and be introduced to packages such as rgl and animation, which are used to create interactive 3D plots. Moving forward, you will focus on techniques to create word clouds, phase tree, and comparison clouds in R. You will also learn how to use the XKCD package to introduce humor in visualizations. Finally, you will be using the XML package to extract and visualize data as well as using shiny package used to create interactive applications.

On the completion of this Learning Path, you will be well versed with powerful data visualization techniques of R that you can incorporate in your applications.

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He has a master’s degree in financial economics from the State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo. He also graduated with a Master of Arts degree in economics from the University of Pune, India. He loves to read blogs on data visualization and loves to go out on hikes in his free .


Section 1: R Data Visualization – Basic Plots, Maps, and Pie Charts

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Installing Packages and Getting Help in R

Lecture 3 Data Types and Special Values in R

Lecture 4 Matrices and Editing a Matrix in R

Lecture 5 Data Frames and Editing a Data Frame in R

Lecture 6 Importing and Exporting Data in R

Lecture 7 Writing a Function and if else Statement in R

Lecture 8 Basic and Nested Loops in R

Lecture 9 The apply, lapply, sapply, and tapply Functions

Lecture 10 Using and Saving par to Beautify a Plot in R

Lecture 11 Introducing a Scatter Plot with Texts, Labels, and Lines

Lecture 12 Connecting Points and Generating an Interactive Scatter Plot

Lecture 13 A Simple and Interactive Bar Plot

Lecture 14 Introduction to Line Plot and Its Effective Story

Lecture 15 Generating an Interactive Gantt/line Chart in R

Lecture 16 Meg Histograms

Lecture 17 Making an Interactive Bubble Plot

Lecture 18 Constructing a Waterfall Plot in R

Lecture 19 Constructing Simple Dendrogram

Lecture 20 Creating Dendrograms with Colors and Labels

Lecture 21 Creating Heat Maps

Lecture 22 Generating a Heat Map with Customized Colors

Lecture 23 Generating an Integrated Dendrogram and a Heat Map

Lecture 24 Creating a Three-Dimensional Heat Map and Stereo Map

Lecture 25 Constructing A Tree Map in R

Lecture 26 Introducing Regional Maps

Lecture 27 Introducing Choropleth Maps

Lecture 28 A Guide to Contour Maps

Lecture 29 Constructing Maps with bubbles

Lecture 30 Integrating Text with Maps

Lecture 31 Introducing Shapefiles

Lecture 32 Creating Cartograms

Lecture 33 Generating a Simple Pie Chart

Lecture 34 Constructing Pie Charts with Labels

Lecture 35 Creating Donut Plots and Interactive Plots

Lecture 36 Generating a Slope Chart

Lecture 37 Constructing a Fan Plot

Section 2: R Data Visualization – Word Clouds and 3D Plots

Lecture 38 The Course Overview

Lecture 39 Constructing a 3D Scatter Plot

Lecture 40 Generating a 3D Scatter Plot with Text

Lecture 41 A Simple 3D Pie Chart

Lecture 42 A Simple 3D Histogram

Lecture 43 Generating a 3D Contour Plot

Lecture 44 Integrating a 3D Contour and a Surface Plot

Lecture 45 Animating a 3D Surface Plot

Lecture 46 Constructing a Sunflower Plot

Lecture 47 Creating a Hexbin Plot

Lecture 48 Generating Interactive Calendar Maps

Lecture 49 Creating Chernoff Faces in R

Lecture 50 Constructing a Coxcomb Plot in R

Lecture 51 Constructing Network Plots

Lecture 52 Constructing a Radial Plot

Lecture 53 Generating a Very Basic Pyramid Plot

Lecture 54 Generating a Candlestick Plot

Lecture 55 Generating Interactive Candlestick Plots

Lecture 56 Generating a Decomposed Series

Lecture 57 Plotting a Regression Line

Lecture 58 Constructing a Box and Whiskers Plot

Lecture 59 Generating a Violin Plot

Lecture 60 Generating a Quantile-Quantile Plot (QQ Plot)

Lecture 61 Generating a Density Plot

Lecture 62 Generating a Simple Correlation Plot

Lecture 63 Generating a Word Cloud

Lecture 64 Constructing a Word Cloud from a Document

Lecture 65 Generating a Comparison Cloud

Lecture 66 Constructing a Correlation Plot and a Phrase Tree

Lecture 67 Generating Plots with Custom Fonts

Lecture 68 Generating an XKCD-Style Plot

Lecture 69 Creating Animated Plots in R

Lecture 70 Creating a Presentation in R

Lecture 71 A basic Introduction to API and XML

Lecture 72 Constructing a Line Plot Using JSON in R

Lecture 73 Creating a Very Simple Shiny App in R

This Learning Path is targeted at data journalist, acadian, student or freelance designer who wants to learn about data visualization