Magari Font Family Free Download 


Magari Font Family Free Download

Magari Font Family

Partially inspired by the mid XIX century german condensed serif typefaces –and a clear connection to Italian classics– Magari extrapolates that idea of fusion to a new level, getting a unique variable font file, or 9 specific weights. With that in hand the user is able to find the perfect match for any design.

From an ultra compressed thin to an extended black style, Magari is a perfect font for display use. It’s jazzy vibes and wide range of weights make it incredibly perform in advertising, packaging or editorial design, assuring great impact whether it’s thin and tall, or big and bold.

The addition of three kinds of endings for the lowercase –from a serif to two tailed strokes– and two different swash sets for the capitals, Magari lets the user play with infinite results.

The name Magari comes from a lovely italian expression that can be used for many positive.