Make Emotional Wedding Films That Go Viral!

Make Emotional Wedding Films That Go Viral!
Our Art is Love Stories!

Make your next video alongside Karimah Clinton as we guide you through creating engaging wedding videos that go Viral on social media platforms. From ideation to filming, lighting, and editing, Karimah Clinton’s session will inspire you to create your best work that not just delights your client but connects with strangers and makes them fans.

  • Make Original Video Content – Our secret formula for Wedding videos help you Make original work that will define your brand!
  • Flexible Curriculum- We break down the class into manageable activities to do at your own pace.
  • Feedback & Discussions- Access a private Q&A session to get feedback and be inspired.
  • All Levels- This session is approachable for beginners but includes big breakthroughs for even the more experienced wedding filmmakers.

Skills you will learn.

Uplevel your videos

  1. Shooting emotional content
  2. Incorporating fast cuts
  3. Editing for highest engagement
  4. Using discernment for best content

Video Basics

  1. Identifying your client & audience
  2. Editing Videos
  3. Shooting Goals
  4. The perfect gear
  5. Using Music & Speeches

Breakdown your videos

  1. Camera stabilization
  2. Filming extensively- start to finish.
  3. Focal length choices
  4. Aperture & Depth of field Preferences
  5. All about your audio