Marvelous Designer 12 Personal Win x64 Free Download

Marvelous Designer 12 Personal Win x64 Free Download

One of a kind solution for 3D artists. Marvelous Designer is the best solution for making, editing and reusing 3D clothes. Save your time to make tiny wrinkles on the clothes. Create intricate custom outfits with a few clicks.

Fast & Easy
– Marvelous Designer adopted real traditional cloth production method into 3D cloth modeling.
– Anyone can create natural 3D wrinkles with Marvelous Designer.

Effective & Efficient
– Create re-usable 3D asset for various 3D characters.
– Standardize high quality result for every artist.
– Create countless variations with one clothing asset.

Fast & Accurate Cloth Simulation
– Marvelous Designer provides the most accurate and fastest cloth simulation.
– Check the natural and realistic wrinkles formed automatically.

What’s New

Automatic UV packing
Selected UV shells can be automatically packed into the target UV tile.

Import/Export FBX with multiple avatars
Multiple avatars can be imported or exported at the same time.

Roll Up
Make it easier to fold sleeve hems, pant hems, and more.

Select all sewn patterns
Select multiple patterns connected by sewing relationship at once with a simple double-click.

MarvelousDesigner12Personal7.3.133.45907Winx64.part1.rar – 500.0 MB
MarvelousDesigner12Personal7.3.133.45907Winx64.part4.rar – 489.3 MB
MarvelousDesigner12Personal7.3.133.45907Winx64.part3.rar – 500.0 MB
MarvelousDesigner12Personal7.3.133.45907Winx64.part2.rar – 500.0 MB