Maxim Gustarev – Professional Processing in Photoshop Download

Maxim Gustarev – Professional Processing in Photoshop

Maxim Gustarev – Professional Processing in Photoshop
The course consists of a block of capacious video lessons, each on a unique topic. It is a sequential processing algorithm from developing RAW to publishing photos on VK.


Lesson 1. Convert RAW to JPG
All about the CameraRAW module. Organization of a technically correct approach to working with the module. In the very first lesson, we will analyze how to develop RAW using the universal CameraRAW module, which has a similar processing core with Adobe Lightroom. Let’s talk about White Balance, dynamic range, contrasts, black and white points. I will share my universal “sliders” for creating natural, pure colors of photography, and many others.

Lesson 2. Crop, proportions, plastic
Modification and deformation of a photograph under a 16: 9 ratio without loss of usable frame area. Tricks of working with the Liquify module (plastic). Work with the figure of the model.

Lesson 3. Frequency Decomposition
A favorite retouching technique is to decompose a photograph into two frequencies. It is as functional and fast as possible. With it, you can perform a hi-end magazine retouch in 10 minutes, as well as remove complex physical objects from the frame.

Lesson 4. Volume Enhancement Methods
In this lesson I will show you 5 methods of increasing visual volume in a frame. From simple to complex color channel operations.

Lesson 5. LAB color space
Methods for collapsing color variations through operations with color-difference channels of Lab space. Giving photos harmonious colors in a few seconds.

Lesson 6. Action
Work with action games. I collected only the most necessary, without absolutely unnecessary actions. You will use each. From accelerated frequency decomposition to automation of LAB deformations.

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