MK “Retouching and working with color” by Evgeniy Dyuzhakin

MK “Retouching and working with color” by Evgeniy Dyuzhakin
Don’t like the color in your photos? Do you know what color you want, but you can’t make it? Do you want to learn how to do clean retouching while maintaining naturalness in your photographs? Then this master class is for you. A master class will be held in Moscow by the famous fashion photographer Evgeny Dyuzhakin, founder of the Revuer project, author of a full cycle course for photographers Mentoring.

Dyuzhakin: “I always strive to do high-quality processing, but at the same time fast. Therefore, I am sharing with you retouching approaches that will save you a lot of time”

– Processing planning. Statement of the task. Priorities. Identifying image imperfections
– Adobe Camera Raw. The main task of Raw conversion. Maintaining maximum dynamic range
– Cropping as a powerful tool for placing emphasis in a photograph. Working with space, transformation. Proportions and dynamics

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