Mootools Polygon Cruncher 12.25 for 3ds Max, Maya & SketchUp Free Download

Mootools Polygon Cruncher 12.25 for 3ds Max, Maya & SketchUp Free Download

Mootools Polygon Cruncher 12.25 for 3ds Max, Maya & SketchUp

Polygon Cruncher is the 3D optimization software that takes place inside your 3D pipeline. Whether your activities are related to architecture, video games, CAD, 3D printing, or history (3D scan), Polygon Cruncher provides solutions for simplifying your 3D meshes.

Polygon Cruncher, a benchmark in terms of optimization
Polygon Cruncher uses an exceptional algorithm developed since 15 years, which gives incomparable results, really better than what you can get with the default optimizer provided with 3DS Max or Lightwave.
Polygon Cruncher simplifies huge 3D meshes from several millions of polygons up to 100 million, on a powerful configuration and this at incredible speed.
Polygon Cruncher provides high simplification results, through an intuitive interaction. It has been chosen by major 3D companies: Autodesk, Anark, Nitendo, Ubisoft, Activision, Epic Games, Airbus, Boeing, Sega, Sony, 3DO.

3D optimization, what’s the use?
3D models have often unnecessarily complex geometry that can be simplified without compromising details and model quality. Some new technologies generate so much polygons that it could be difficult to use the result, as in the case of the 3D scan.
Simplification intended to accelerate the real-time visualization (video games, architecture), to reduce data size (mobile or web usage), to facilitate interaction with 3D data (modeling, online catalog…).

It simplifies and takes care of your data
Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing the quality of their details. On some models, 95% of the faces can be removed without loss. You keep UV texture and other information (vertex colors, normals). Object borders, UVs seams, material boundaries are preserved… It is also possible to keep the symmetry of objects during the simplification process.

A interactive tool for an optimal optimization
In its stand-alone version or integrated in the heart of 3ds Max, Maya or Lightwave, Polygon Cruncher offers real time simplification and a great confort for adjusting optimization at the best rate. You interactively choose an overall level of simplification for the scene, and then tune the level for each object.
Polygon Cruncher’s speed is unbeatable and interactivity makes the optimization process fast and easy.

MagicCruncher: automatic optimization
Polygon Cruncher automates the optimization of your data and integrates intelligent optimization feature: MagicCruncher. MagicCruncher determines automatically the ideal level of simplification for each object in the scene.
MagicCruncher is particularly powerful when used through the command line or batch processing because it offers both a good optimization ratio, quality results and this fully automatically.

Additional features
Polygon Cruncher includes other features such as progressive optimization that makes easier to find a global optimization level for a scene that contain many objects.
Polygon Cruncher includes cleaning tools for geometry or topology such removing coplanar faces, deleting confused points, merging meshes by materials or into a single object, bursting a mesh into separate elements…

An open tool
Polygon Cruncher takes place into your software through its specific versions (3ds Max, Maya, Command Line…). But it also connects with your specific environment as it supports a wide range of 3D formats: Cinema 4D, Modo, FBX, Collada, SketchUp, STL.

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