Motion Practice with Ben Marriott Free Download

Motion Practice with Ben Marriott Free Torrent Download

A practical structured course on combining frame-by-frame animation and After Effects. You will learn how to create frame-by-frame animation, add it to your motion design projects and create scenes full of captivating motion and characters.

What is this course about?

Do you want to find your own style and create truly unique works? The best way to achieve this is by combining various techniques and tools! In this practical course merging traditional frame-by-frame animation and After Effects, we’re going to create 6 animated projects. Each project is focused on a different technique integrating frame-by-frame animation into your workflow. We will be taking a deep-dive into every step of the process, explaining all the decision-making that goes into merging these 2 different methods together. By combining the best elements of both worlds you will bring unique creatures to life focusing on the process and workflow.
  • Learn the skill of frame-by-frame animation
  • Learn how to use Adobe Animate
  • Solidify fundamental animation skills
  • Learn techniques that can be applied to any animation
  • Get a fast skillset upgrade essential for any motion designer
  • Discover new and fresh approaches to already known software
  • Learn the workflows used at top-studios
  • Get permanent access to the course

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