Mutesix The Facebook Ads Masterclass Free Download


Mutesix The Facebook Ads Masterclass Free Download

The Facebook Ads Masterclass

An online course that teaches you how to run Facebook ads that create cash flow, find new profitable customers, and scale your e-commerce business.

Module 1: What You Need to Know Before You Start Facebook Ads

Module 1 covers how Facebook fits in your overall business ecosystem. You’ll learn how to align your expectations with realistic results and how to measure success so you know what to strive for.

➞ An understanding of where Facebook fits in your business

➞ What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to pay attention to

➞ An in-depth look at how other brands achieve success with Facebook

➞ The best marketing calendar strategies so you can adapt to your customers year-round

Come away with

You’ll learn how to:

➞ Restructure your Facebook marketing
{so you can increase efficiency and turn your data into sales}

➞ Ensure your ads will only be shown to interested buyers
{because anyone that isn’t likely to convert is a waste of your budget}

➞ Decrease your cost of advertising and content creation
Lower your cost while increasing conversions
{so you can drive profitable sales}

➞ Profitably scale campaigns
{perfect if you want to ride the momentum of your winning ads}

➞ Master the art of bringing back your lost customers
{perfect for increasing LTV and decreasing churn rate}

➞ Ignite the desire to buy in your prospect
{so you can stand to win for your brand}

Here’s what’s inside
The Facebook Ads Masterclass:

 Get instant access to
The Facebook Ads Masterclass
for just $1297

You’ll get instant access so you can start right away and find new profitable customers, decrease your CPA, and double your revenue through Facebook ads…in half the time.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names and here’s what they say

Over 5.5 Hours of Video Lessons
43 presentation-style video lessons to guide you along the way

3-Day Guarantee
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lifetime Access
Access this course on your schedule and pace and revisit the lessons anytime you choose.

Only in The Facebook Ads Masterclass will you find:

Get instant access to
The Facebook Ads Masterclass
for just $1297

You’ll have access to this online course that will help you discover the agency secret to finding new profitable customers, decrease your CPA, and double your revenue through Facebook advertising…from Inc’s 5000 15th fastest growing company in the USA.

So choose the plan that’s right for you

Unbeatable Guarantee
Try Facebook Ads Masterclass for a full 3 days, 100% risk free

If you’re not totally satisfied with the Facebook Ads Masterclass lessons and you’re not able to improve your campaigns, just ask for a refund anytime within 3 days of purchase and we’ll pay you every penny back!

Hear what our clients have to say!

Module 2:  Inside Campaign Structure

Are you taking a measured and methodical approach to structuring your ad account? Module 2 takes a microscopic look into Campaigns, Ad Set, and Ads and the best way to structure these so you can set the foundation for scale.

➞ The proper way to set up Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad Structure so you don’t have to figure it out yourself

➞ A look inside how we structure Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

➞ How to set up your campaign structure for scale

➞ How to structure your naming conventions

Come away with

Module 3:  Audience and Targeting

Knowing how to maximize your audience data is the key to success with Facebook ads. Module 3 breaks down the audiences you need to start including (guaranteed you’re not using most of these) and targeting hacks so you can get the most out of your Facebook ad spend.

➞ The best way to target the correct Audiences that will buy

Come away with

➞ Advanced Targeting strategies to maximize ROI and Drive CPA down

➞ A look inside setting up your exclusion audiences.

Module 4:  How to Think About Your Creative Strategy

Successful ads start with creative strategy. In this module, you’ll learn how to start thinking about your creative and the key fundamentals you need to know so you can set the foundation for your copy and visuals.

➞ A solid foundation that addresses your customers objections

➞ Best practices so you can avoid the 2 most common problems businesses make in their creative

➞ An understanding why Competitive research is essential and how you can best go about it

Come away with

Module 5:  Direct Response Copywriting

Copywriting doesn’t come natural for most of us. And direct response copywriting, even less so. Module 5 will show you exactly how to write copy that gets the click.

➞ 4 templates so you can hit the ground running

➞ The secrets to researching for writing

➞ The key elements you must hit in your copy

Module 6:  Optimizing Your Ad Creative

If you’re going to watch one module, it’s going to be this one. Module 6 is powerful because you’ll learn how to create and implement video and images that can move the needle and scale your business. This is crucial if you want to create ads that sell, get ahead of your competition, and position your business as a disruptor brand.

➞ A funnel overview so you can understand the exact structure you need to scale

➞ The exact Content Strategy our top campaign managers use so you can develop successful marketing campaigns and creative

➞ The Importance of Seasonality and how to go about it

➞ Templates for the Different Types of Creative we use in house so you don’t have to figure it out yourself through costly trial and error

➞ An Overview of the Tools you’ll need to make it all possible

Module 7:  Scaling

Want to know how to scale your ads without having your whole strategy fall apart? This Module will help you understand the different stages of scaling and what to expect as you scale so you can grow your business while keeping your CPA as low as possible.

➞ The right creative, media buy and funnel experience you need when Preparing to Scale

➞ The most efficient way to allocate your ad spend when Controlling Scale

➞ The best practices you need to properly Manage Scale and maximize your campaigns

Come away with

Plus Bonuses

Bonus 1:  YouTube Ads and Google Search Mini Course

Google ads fundamentals so you can harness the power of both paid search and paid social as a remarkably effective multi-channel advertising strategy.

➞ How to approach your Google search campaigns

Come away with

➞ A breakdown of your YouTube advertising strategy

Bonus 2: Mastering Email Marketing with Klaviyo

Once dynamic email marketing is in place with Klaviyo, email can work for you on auto-pilot, monetizing the back end of your Facebook ads and other traffic sources. This course will help you cut your CPA by up to 20%, improve your email promotions to sell more products, improve customer loyalty (which will lead to more long-term sales), reduce churn rate, and drive a predictable stream of sales on auto-pilot.

➞ The essential framework for executing polished emails. Skip this and your brand will miss out on that professional touch. This is what separates amateur-looking emails from established brands.

➞ How to send profitable automated emails. Don’t skip this because you’ll need this step to drive more revenue for your e-commerce business and recover abandoned sales.

➞ The types of strategic and systematic campaigns you need to send to avoid sending emails out on a whim.

➞ How to send tailored messages rather than a one-size-fits-all email–so you can lower your unsubscribe rates and increase revenue.

➞ How to ensure your emails are delivered properly. This is absolutely critical to detecting, solving, and preventing deliverability issues.

➞ Website optimization strategies and tools that will help increase list growth–so you can create a seamless shopping experience across other channels.


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