Neo Stock Diigital Landscapes Photoshop Video Training [BUNDLE] (Updated Nov 12, 2021)

Neo Stock Diigital Landscapes Photoshop Video Training [BUNDLE] (Updated Oct 17, 2021)

Redoaune Naouri presents: Digital Landscapes – an A-to-Z guide where you will learn how to create epic fantasy environments in Photoshop…

In this course you’ll discover the advanced compositing / processing techniques for creating sweeping landscapes, depth of field, atmospheric effects, and beautiful colours.

With stunning environments, you’re GUARANTEED to take your Photoshop composites to the next level!!

Included in this Bundle:-


• Creative Compositing: The pro methods for ‘cutting out’ (masking) multiple elements, to create new scenes.

• Colour Processing: Unifying / adding drama with non-destructive Colour Grading & Processing techniques.

• ‘Painting with Light’: Enhancing realism with manually painted ‘light-spills’ and scenic effects.

• Depth of Field: Creating the illusion of depth and distance with contrast, colour, and atmospheric effects.

• Composition: Creating a sense a sense of unity, harmony, and balance in your scene with the positioning / scale of elements.

+ Layer Blend Modes, Curves, Color Balance, and more!


Level: Intermediate. Prior Photoshop experience would be useful, but not essential for this course. All processes explained from the ground-up.

Recommended Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 2015 and above.

Specialist Tools: All lessons can be followed with keyboard / mouse. Input devices such as graphics tablets etc. optional.

Optional Extras: Nik Collection Filter Plugin – not required, but an overview is covered within the lessons.


Digital Landscapes Video Course MP4 [10.3GB] Runtime: 3.3hrs [10 Video Lessons, 10 Lesson PSDs]BONUS Lesson Skills Course MP4 [1.6GB] Runtime: 40mins [2 Video Lessons]BONUS Stock Bundle:

Premium Stock Photo Bundle: 80 JPG Images [500MB]

Total Size: 12GB  | 3.7hrs of Video | BONUS Assets



update Note:

It’s Week 9 of Digital Landscapes RELOADED – and this lesson Red will show you how to use the advanced Transform tools in Photoshop!

With these skills you’ll be able to shape and contort your stock elements, giving you a tonne of versatility and range with your work.

It’s Week 6 of Digital Landscapes RELOADED – Atmosphere!

In todays lesson Red will show you how to achieve DEPTH and REALISM in your Photo Manipulation work, with depth of field / haze / and atmospheric techniques.

Enjoy! – 21.5 MB – 3.2 GB – 3.5 GB – 1.7 GB – 1.8 GB
PHOTOSTOCK VARIETY – 472.9 MB – 2.1 GB – 1.4 GB – 478.5 MB – 1.4 GB – 1.4 GB – 1.4 GB – 728.7 MB – 450.3 MB – 1.6 GB – 709.1 MB – 566.0 MB – 1.3 GB – 497.7 MB – 758.4 MB – 1.1 GB – 1.7 GB – 431.9 MB

It’s Week 10 of Digital Landscapes RELOADED – and in this lesson you’ll learn how to apply your new skills and create full landscape artworks.

This is a three part walkthrough (Old West parts 1, 2, and 3), and it also comes with Red’s Old West PSD file – so you can delve into the layers / adjustments, and reverse engineer the techniques! – 1.9 GB – 1.5 GB – 1.8 GB – 363.0 MB

It’s the FINAL lesson of Digital Landscapes RELOADED!

In this full-length walkthrough, Red will show you how to use the skills learned from the prior lessons – to create a fully realised ‘Digital Landscape’ with depth and realism in Photoshop. – 830.1 MB – 3.5 GB – 2.3 GB

50 Shrub + Bush assets added to your Digital Landscapes RELOADED Training Bundle!!

Summer – 890.1 MB
Winter – 427.2 MB
Shrubs + – 560.8 MB
Landscape – 239.6 MB
Autumn – 591.5 MB
Flowers and – 189.2 MB