Noya Decorative Ornamental Kit Alpha + 3d Model Kitbash Free Download

Noya Decorative Ornamental Kit Alpha + 3d Model Kitbash Free Download

Noya Decorative Ornamental Kit Alpha + 3d Model Kitbash

What models you can use these kits for?
Ornamental objects
interior decoration
Architecture and design of columns and structures
Armored equipment

Example of usable objects :
Jewelry, clock, sofa and chair and table, fireplace and heater, home interior design, arc and open, ceilings, sword, helmet, shield, building exterior, window frame, columns

What models does this kit include?

50 Decorative Ornament ( Rococo, Thai, Baroque )
Rose Model

You will have 2 types of topology
Model Formats:
50 IMM Brush For Zbrush Artists

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This kit provides alphas too with all formats

2048*2048 Resolution
Where can this kit be used?

One of the advantages of this KitBash Pack is that it is an object that can be used in all 3D software.

Create different forms and shapes.

Note for ZBrush artists: this pack has 50 IMM Brush too.

How to texture:
After you put the models together in your 3D software and created the object you want, you would give each of them the default background material that the substance painter recognizes. Of course, some 3D software after importing the object by default. They set a normal material for that object. Now, just import the output into the Substance painter software and wait for the objects to UV unwrap (the 2020 version of the Substance Pinter has the ability to intelligently UV unwrap the objects). these objects are designed to be compatible with all the smart materials available in the Substance Painter library, and you can easily use the available smart materials to give your work a professional texture.