Pencil Scribble FX Photoshop Plugin CQ8M3TV Free Download

Pencil Scribble FX Photoshop Plugin CQ8M3TV Free Download

Pencil Scribble FX Photoshop PluginATN BRUSHSET PDF ZXP PSD

Plugin for Adobe Photoshop CC – Multilingual – works with any Image This effect works perfectly on any kind of Image, Texts, Paintings, Illustrations and Photos, but there has to be highlights and shadows for it to be working correctly at full potential. Scribble FX has been realized using real handmade scribbles specifically designed for giving consistent results.

Create Amazing Scribble Art

The Plugin not always creates a decent result on the first try: after experimenting with it on several image types is possible that you’ll need to add extra manual work in order to achieve a professional result. In general the picture needs to have decent contrast, and the subject be well defined.

The user can reveal different Layers of Scribbles and effects, textures and details to create a unique artwork depending on the objective. It’s very easy to change the color of the scribbles or the background


  • Scribble FX Plugin (.ccx UXP Plugin)
  • 2 Different Photoshop Actions that create 2 different versions
  • javascript Plugin
  • 67 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes
  • Detailed Guide
  • Video Tutorial

Can be used for Animations

The code is designed to work with any image, at any resolution and depth. The final result will be in RGB Mode 8-bit regardless of the starting format: remember you can switch back to your settings once the Plugin has finished.

In case your starting photo is inferior to 2500 pixels it will be resized in order for the Filters and Scripts to work correctly and always give you a good result.

The Plugin will behave differently basing on your starting photo and Document ratio and size but the final results will be always consistent.

Very Easy to Install and Use Just follow the provided instructions to unleash a powerful array of different artworks from your images. Includes 67 High Quality Brushes

Along with Scribble FX, you also Photoshop Brushes to create realistic texturing for your artworks! Surprise your customers and followers with high quality scribble artworks, and resell whatever you create with Scribble FX and all the other Tools of our Library.

Install Scribble FX as a standalone Plugin, from your Creative Cloud App

If you like Photoshop and photo manipulation this is a Tool you must have. Create amazing artworks starting from these premade effects and add your touch with the included Brushes.

Video Tutorial / Demo