Photo Alchemy – Creative Thinking For Great Photography

Photo Alchemy – Creative Thinking For Great Photography
Awesome photos begin by Pre Visualising, asking “How Do I Want This To Look?” then work back to the settings

We don’t ‘take’ photos. We make them. This short course is about vital photographer skills and functions which live outside the camera. How to pre-visualise how you want your photo to look, then figure out what You need to do to make it happen.

Is the light perfect now, or do you need to wait for a break in the clouds, or move to the shade, or shoot by a window? Where do you need to stand for the best angle? Which lens to choose for the look you want. These are things You have to think about and take action with to capture vibrant, exciting, interesting images.

Knowing what you want to achieve makes choosing settings easy. For example, when you know you want to blur movement to add life to the flow of a river it indicates what kind of shutter speed to use. If you want to capture an up close and personal feeling, you’ll know what kind of lens to use.

Whether you shoot on an expensive camera or a phone, You and how you think is the no1 most important thing in all photography. It’s You who turns lead into gold

You’ll learn my top five camera controls and how they can be combined creatively and technically for any image, 3 essential tools which will make your photography not only easier but make it look awesome too.

And you can come behind the scenes on what was one of my most challenging yet personally rewarding professional photoshoots so you can see how it was planned, what went wrong and how I figured out what to do about it. It was a lot of work – but just 3 minutes of that was shooting.