Photocasa – Pure Color = Pure Light (2023) by Andrey Vasiliev

Photocasa – Pure Color = Pure Light (2023) by Andrey Vasiliev
Are you familiar with the phrase “This photographer has such pure colors!”? What do people generally understand by the word “pure” color? What fascinates them when they look at such photographs? How does color affect perception? Well, and, of course, how to achieve colors that will make the photo richer, cleaner and more interesting? We will talk about all this in our new video course “Pure Color = Pure Light”.

The author of the video course, Andrey Vasiliev
, a teacher and artistic photographer with 15 years of experience, a prize-winner of international competitions, will share with you the subtleties of working with light and color in photography in four blocks.

The course will help you:
See and understand light better.
Find your bearings in light patterns in a variety of situations.
Learn more about color perception and start mindfully mixing colors in your photos like an artist!

Lang: Rus