Photography Like A Pro!

Photography Like A Pro!

Photography Like A Pro!
Welcome to this photography course where I will be teaching you the fundamentals and more. I will teach you the literal same camera settings I have used for +30 years in my career!

This class will teach:

    1. Fundamentals of DSLR
    1. Principles of Exposure
    1. Aperture
    1. Shutter Speed
    1. ISO
    1. Hidden camera secret I use
    1. Demonstration in a live studio of these principles
    1. Camera settings’ decision-making process
    1. Lightroom

What you’ll learn

    • How to master Exposure & my hidden technique
    • How to use light in a less known way
    • How to decide which settings to use on the camera
    • How to adjust photos
  • How to create amazing photos using my personal techniques