Pixel Film Studios FCPX Animation Mega Pack Free Download

Pixel Film Studios FCPX Animation Mega Pack Free Download

Bring your media to life with FCPX Animation Mega Pack from Pixel Film Studios. This incredible set of animation tools features over 300 unique tools and over 30,000 animations to choose from. Animate in, animate out and utilize through animations to create continuous movements. FCPX Animation Mega Pack includes ProAnimation and ProAnimation 2, making it the ultimate animation collection for Final Cut Pro.

* Images used in video are not included. Only Animation Tools are included in this pack.

Compatible in any resolution project.

What is in the package?

Including ProAnimation 1 & 2

Take advantage of advanced animation tools using ProAnimation 1 and 2. These tools feature dynamic and unique animations with extra control over whip strength, anchor points and more.

Hundreds of Animation Tools

FCPX Animation Mega Pack includes over 300 animation tools and over 30,000 animations. Each animation includes fast-rendering motion blur, flip controls and an animation strength slider. You can adjust the animation curve by choosing one of 30 different options in each preset.

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