Portrait Photography: Active Listening to Enhance Visual Storytelling

Portrait Photography: Active Listening to Enhance Visual Storytelling

 Portrait Photography: Active Listening to Enhance Visual Storytelling

Join award-winning photographer & activist Eva Woolridge for this informative, empathetic, and critical skill-expanding class on how to successfully photograph self-love portraits. This class provides prompts and techniques to help photographers create a safe space for their clients in order to tell the hidden meanings of their stories through stunning photographs.

As seen in her viral series Embrace Your Essence, Woolridge has photographed self-love portraits of her clients for over 10 years. “People often ask me how I get my portraits so personal and intimate…” and the answer is valuing the critical art of Listening. This is a crucial skill beyond photography. It’s being in a relationship of give and take with clients. It’s about giving the subject control within the process by being open to their stories, which photographers can then use as material to visually relay in a photo or photo series.

During this class you will learn:

  • How to build trust with clients
  • Pre-shoot preparation
  • Techniques during shoot
  • How to balance your artistic creativity with clients requests
  • Methods for sharing images with clients and in your portfolio

From amateurs to professionals, any photographer or artist interested in learning the fundamental skills of connecting to subjects will find value taking this class. There are no specifics in camera or lighting equipment. Students will be encouraged to add their creative flair in post production, and so an understanding of photoshop or your own methods of editing is encouraged.