PROEDU – Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom

PROEDU – Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom

PROEDU – Cinematic Color Grading For Adobe Lightroom

Cinematic Color Grading is a retouching focused course from award-winning photographer Justin Lister. In this tutorial, you will explore his use of colors, tones, and imagery to create a cinematic movie style color palette for your portfolio.

Color can often drive the story of an image, and the story drives the viewer’s eye. In this eight-hour retouching tutorial, Justin takes you from RAW processing, the story, cleanup, and all the way to export.

Developing an efficient color grading RAW workflow is the basis of this tutorial to give photographers and retouchers the tools to explore color at the RAW level. Learn how he utilizes Adobe Lightroom’s features, tools, and RAW engine processor.

The tutorial is organized into chapters that are based on the essential color grading tools that Justin uses on a daily basis. From his personal portrait work to his advanced projects, Justin has supplied you with ALL of his RAW images. Over 70 RAW images from Justin are included from camera systems such as Hasselblad, Fuji Medium Format, and Nikon.

This feature of the tutorial allows you to experiment with different lighting techniques he used and to then experiment with your unique color taste.

Cinematic_Color_Grading_For_Adobe_Lightroom.part1.rar – 2.0 GB
Cinematic_Color_Grading_For_Adobe_Lightroom.part2.rar – 2.0 GB
Cinematic_Color_Grading_For_Adobe_Lightroom.part3.rar – 2.0 GB
Cinematic_Color_Grading_For_Adobe_Lightroom.part4.rar – 1.4 GB

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