Python complete tutorial with application building Free Download

Python complete tutorial with application building Free Download

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Python programming

Object oriented programming in Python

Important concept like List comprehension, decorators, lambda functions, name mangling, file handling and much more

Creating a CLI application

Zero to low understanding of programming

Hi all,Python is a general-purpose language used in major areas like data science, machine learning and web development. This course covers almost all the important concepts of Python. As a bner, it is essential to have the basics clear and thorough understanding of the concepts. This course focuses on these points and we have tried our best to deliver it in a way which will help you to get the basics right as well as concepts clear.The key concepts covered in this course are:1. Built-in data types like list, dictionary, tuple, set, string with their functionalities.2. List comprehension, lambda function and decorators in Python3. Object-oriented programming in Python4. Creating an application using all the learned conceptsYou will also see some quizzes and exercises to help you understand the concepts.Does this course cover all the concepts of Data Science and Web development?I will be honest with you, the course does not cover all the concepts of Data Science or Web Development (although we have different courses for that we will discuss it some other day). So after completing this course you won’t be a Data Scientist or Web Developer in Python. However, we have tried our best to cover all the essential concepts that might help you to simplify your learning curve if you wish to explore Python further for Data Science or Web Development.

Bner Python learners who want to master the basic concepts

Anyone who have a curiosity to learn Python programming

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