RAWexchange – Look Creation and Color Grading

RAWexchange – Look Creation and Color Grading

RAWexchange – Look Creation and Color Grading
English | Video: 1080p


If this was true when the phrase was coined, it is one hundred times truer today. We are bombarded with data and we are at a constant sensory overload. An outstanding photo captures an audience and conveys stories in the best way possible. A key factor in making an image “outstanding” is using the right colors or using “Harmonious” colors. Harmonious colors are key for conveying feelings and messages. A good photo can be a decisive purchase argument.




A specialist for such images is Jan Wischermann. He provides professional digital post production and works on projects for well-known advertising agencies and international photographers. Jan will give you an exclusive insight into his personal retouching workflow that allows him to deliver consistent and pristine quality to his partners and clients, such as The New Yorker, Men’s Health and Wired UK to name a few

Understand Colors, Looks, and Harmonies

In this comprehensive 11-chapter video training, Jan Wischermann will take you to a tour of the wonderful world of look development. I am sure you’ve seen those Lightroom-presets, well those are only scratching the surface, Jan goes deep and thorough. You will get a peek into the brains of a world-class retoucher and colorist: Starting with the thought process, going through technique and ending with three completely different color grades.

It’s a deep knowledge well: from color harmonies to color theories to Capture One and its massive possibilities for color correction and matching. If you prefer Photoshop, you will learn everything about Luminosity Masksediting workflows and the diverse tasks in the commercial retouching world.

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