RAWexchange Magic Brushes Free Download

RAWexchange Magic Brushes Free Download

RAWexchange – Magic Brushes

What if you could apply complex textures as easily as you can paint with brushes? Adding elements (especially textures like smoke or dust) involves using a premade textures and applying it onto the image. This is not a difficult process, but it takes time.

This is why we make the magic brushes package. Yea, I know, we call it a brushes package, but the truth of it is that we were trying to improve our own photo editing workflow and we came by this method that is both a time saver and gives a lot of control over applying textures. So we use it ourselves and want to share the goodness.

We know that a brushes has somewhat of a bad name,. and not many use them for creating stuff. Sure, they are great for embedding a watermark ,or a logo, or even a vignette on a finished photo. But if you plan them right, Brushes can be quite a powerful tool and do much, much more. A brush set with the right properties for continuous painting can work wonders. (and our brushes do work wonders)! Especially if you are working with a graphic tablet.

This package contains 60 brushes. But they are not just plain stamps, each brush is packed with pressure sensitive settings for graphic tablets. The pressure The pressure applied controls the shape, scattering, transparency, color and direction of of the brush.

Pressure sensitivity is pure genius. It give you a lot of control and you can, for example, create many different looks without searching for stock photos.

  • You can create a whirling column of dust around your model
  • Or you can raise a storm of rain, hail and snow in a move of wacom pen.
  • Or you can create a stunning Bokeh just by waving a bokeh brush around.



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