Realistic Pencil Drawing: How To Drawing A Wet Portrait

Realistic Pencil Drawing: How To Drawing A Wet Portrait

Realistic Pencil Drawing: How To Drawing A Wet Portrait

Chiaroscuro sketching, In general, can be called any effect of a black pencil or charcoal on paper with shadings. Artists each use special tools to depict the subject according to their personal taste, experience, and learnings. You can get acquainted with the tools used in the training ahead in the requirements section.

Chiaroscuro tools and techniques have evolved to such an extent over time, so sketching has become an easy task for any student or art lover, and with just a few months of practice and reinforcement of the eyes and hands, an attractive level of art can be achieved.

To create the model taught in this course, familiarity with the design principles and the basic steps of the chiaroscuro will definitely be useful.  This training consists of about 11 hours of the instructional video, including each step, which is the minimum time that the student must spend to achieve the desired result in creating the volume of the face and wet skin texture.

For students who are interested in the chiaroscuro technique, the perfect execution of full-textured models and wet faces shows that they are professional in their favorite technique.

The following training course has been prepared with the aim of teaching how to draw skin textures, wetness on the face, creating water drops. In addition, the student will become very familiar with how to create eyes, nose, and face volume in the chiaroscuro technique.

This course is suitable for students who have passed the beginner course of chiaroscuro or have a background in other painting techniques.  In terms of texture and volume, this course is at a level that is suitable for students over 13 years old who can have a correct understanding of volume and texture.

In the present course, we will teach you how to create eyes, eyebrows, nose, skin textures, wet textures on the skin, and water droplets using conté pencils, charcoal powder, and a variety of brushes and erasers.  Students are taught how to create volume first and then model textures and water droplets on the work.

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