Remote User Testing With Figma & Maze Free Download


Remote User Testing With Figma & Maze Free Download

Remote User Testing With Figma & Maze
Working from home, which can be both – burdening and rewarding, has changed how we do things that used to be absolute no-brainers: Where do you hold your meetings? Of course together in a room! Where do you do your user testing sessions? In the office and in-person, of course! All of that needed to change needed to be adapted.

Let me in this course give you an in-depth look at how to conduct fully remote user testing sessions for your interactive prototypes, both qualitative and quantitative and how I did A/B tests fully remote, with the usage of Maze and Figma.

In this course you will learn:

    • How the tools play together and what their synergies are
    • How to use Maze for qualitative and quantitative research
    • How to prepare your Figma prototype
    • How to set up your Maze test case
    • How to evaluate the insights in Maze

I have spent many hours in the preparation and production of this course, and I really hope that you enjoy it and are able to make the most of it for your career and professional life!