Rigging and Animating in Adobe Animate Free Download


Rigging and Animating in Adobe Animate Free Download

Rigging and Animating in Adobe Animate

Animate CC, previously known as Flash, is one of the most well known programs for animation. And with the ability to parent layers, create templates with symbols and save reusable actions, character animation has never been easier! If you’re looking to get a jump start with animating characters in Animate CC, than this course is for you!


More specifically, in this course you will learn how to:

    • Properly set up a character for Animate CC
    • Create symbols for head turn, eye and mouth animations
    • Properly place symbol origin points for proper limb motions
    • Parent layers for easier animation (a NEW feature introduced in Animate CC 2019)
    • Animate a jump animation with Motion Tweening
    • Lip sync with the Frame Picker
    • Polish and correct animations
    • Export animations with Adobe Media Encoder

Bu kurs kimler için uygun:


    • Students looking to animate 2D cartoon characters


    • Students looking to learn about the new Layer Parenting feature


    • Students looking for a crash course in Animate CC animation


Course content


    • Welcome!
        • What You Will Learn in this Course
        • Rigging Vectors VS PSDs
    • Preparing Assets for Animate CC
        • Overview of Character Design
        • Compressing Characters in Photoshop
        • Importing Assets and Preparing Animate CC Stage
    • Setting up the Head for Animation
        • Setting Up Head Phases with Symbols
        • Redesigning the Eyes
        • Creating Eye Phases
        • Creating Eye Brow Phases
        • Assembling Mouth Poses into a Symbol
    • Setting up the Body for Animation
        • Assembling Hand Poses into a Symbol
        • Assembling Hair Poses into a Symbol
        • Converting Body Parts to Symbols
        • Properly Placing Origin Points
        • Parenting Layers for Proper Connections
        • Correcting Limb Movements
        • Keying and Swapping the HandsAnimating the Character
            • Setting the Background
            • Laying Out Jump Motion Tween
            • Animating the Jump
            • Refining the Jump
            • Animating the Eyes and Eyebrows
            • Lip Syncing with the Frame Picker
            • Animating Body Dialogue