Rizom-Lab RizomUV Real & Virtual Spaces 2023.0.56 Win Free Download

Rizom-Lab RizomUV Real & Virtual Spaces 2023.0.56 Win Free Download

Today, following the path towards an ideal tool set capable of segmenting, flattening and packing UVs without any manual intervention, Rizom-Lab focuses on enhancing our technology, and making it available to 3D artists and product designers within our new standalones applications RizomUV Virtual Spaces and RizomUV Real Space, and in a form that can be integrated into others 3D editing softwares or pipelines within our RizomUV C++ Library.
Games / VFX / Animation / VR
Since 2004, Unfold3D legacy has taken its place in major VFX studios, AAA games companies and animation studios all over the world thanks to its famous unfold feature and its intuitive UI. RizomUV Virtual Spaces takes back all this background and comes with major improvements.

Release 2023

– new: Fit to grid can now scale uniformly
– new: Fit to grid can now add the tile margin in Tile mode
– new: Preference file and load dialogs propose Auto-Weld option
– new: Status bar blue notification when saving or exporting files
– new: Fit to grid is now fit and can fit to the tile grid
– new: Fit to grid can fit in U or V or both axis directions
– new: Select non-manifold primitives (See Select menu)
– new: In the mouse customizer, the feature list can now by sorted by name
– new: Mouse wheel effect on zoom can be inverted
– new: Stamper exporter GUI revamped
– new: Exporter Stamper now can export PNG files with transparent background
– new: Mis Scale button is now in the Scale Optimization Range block
– new: 30 days trial
– new: GUI redesign
– new: Cut & Unfold mode for MagicWand
– new: Unfold along U and V
– new: Edge selection by edge orientation in UV space using the histogram
– new: More tolerant island marquee selection
– new: HUD text color can now be customized
– new: Repeat last action and last 2 actions
– new: Group boxes corners are now red colored when their shape are edited (until new pack)
– new: RHEL 8 support only
– new: Show label switch now impact group stacks too
– new: RizomUV Link is now integrated into the installation directory (Windows only for now)
– new: Timeout detection
– new: RizomUVLink module
– fix: Load using shell command line at RizomUV lauch doesn’t load normals
– fix: Reload of the same USD file doesn’t take change into account
– fix: Impossible to get the stage hierarchy of the USD file
– fix: Across islands weld unselected islands
– fix: MacOS crash at start up in some circumstances
– fix: Stack and group similar create a single stack instead of one for each group of similar island
– fix: Error message when trying to weld vertices
– fix: Stamp Exporter width & height display bug
– fix: Stamp Exporter error Parameter print resolution unit is not supported
– fix: Hidden polygons are not shown when using Show All command
– fix: Locked Shape group are rescaled instead of keeping their size
– fix: sometimes a windows appears and ask to click ok 70 times
– fix: MacOS selection doesn’t work on retina screens
– fix: retina mac display is blurry
– fix: UV tile grid is not updated when UV Tile shape is changed
– fix: Stamp exports wrongly when image resolution is not square
– fix: Polygon selection undo redo are broken
– fix: RizomUVLink folder has a wrong folder structure

Livestream: RizomUV 2023.0 Features & Fixes

RizomLabRizomUVRealVirtualSpaces2023.0.56Win.part1.rar – 100.0 MB
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