Scratch 3.0 Programming For Beginners Learn To Code!! Free Download

Scratch 3.0 Programming For Beginners Learn To Code!! Free Download

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Universal Coding Program, Learn to create Games, Projects & Animations on their own, Coding for Children age 8 to 16

What you’ll learn

Basics of coding blocks from scratch

How to make the character move, jump, run, dance etc

How to make projects using characters with different coding blocks

Create fun games on their own

Understand the Magic of Coding, the logic behind computer programming


Computer device to work with Scratch Junior

No prior coding knowledge is required

Internet Access


Scratch is a new type of literacy that should be learned at a young age.This course is designed in such a way that younger ones can use their creativity, innovation, and curiosity to create their coding programs and games in a fun way of learning. Scratch is a block-based program that introduces young children to coding.Young children are always curious and want to play innovative games. Nowadays, the common problem is that kids are addicted to playing games with gadgets. So we can redirect their eagerness for playing games into creating games on their own with the help of scratch junior.In this course, kids will learn what is a scratch program, coding, the Scratch interface, different categories of coding blocks; how to use coding blocks, and how to create amazing projects and games using coding blocks with step-by-step procedures that can be easily understood by the kids.The content is designed to entertain the kids with animated cartoon characters Mia, Max & their friends as students and the course goes on teaching them. Since the younger ones would love to learn playfully, they will enjoy this course along with the cartoon characters Mia & Max.This course will help the kids promptly master the basics of coding. If your kids build confidence in basic coding at a young age with scratch, this will help them to advance their creative, logical thinking skills and increase their passion for coding.Younger ones are dreamers!! Let’s make their dream into reality!!!Learning is Fun!! Happy Learning!!!This course is intended for purchase by adults!! Children under 18 may use this course only if a parent or guardian opens their account.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 2 Creating Account

Lecture 3 Verifying Email

Lecture 4 How to sign in?

Section 3: Scratch Interface

Lecture 5 Scratch Web page

Lecture 6 Scratch Editor

Lecture 7 Sprites

Lecture 8 Paint tool – 1

Lecture 9 Paint tool – 2

Lecture 10 Backdrops

Lecture 11 Costumes and Sprites

Lecture 12 Scratch Interface

Section 4: Blocks

Lecture 13 Blocks Introduction

Lecture 14 Motion Blocks

Lecture 15 Looks Blocks

Lecture 16 Sound Blocks

Lecture 17 Event Blocks

Lecture 18 Control Blocks

Lecture 19 Sensing Blocks

Lecture 20 Operator Blocks

Lecture 21 Variables & My Blocks

Section 5: Projects

Lecture 22 Under the ocean

Lecture 23 Egg hatching

Lecture 24 Musical Instruments

Lecture 25 The Goblin

Lecture 26 Dance with me

Lecture 27 The quiz

Lecture 28 Follow me

Section 6: Games

Lecture 29 Catch me

Lecture 30 Keep Jumping

Kids age 8 to 16 (This course is intended to purchase by parents),Children would like to create games on their own,Parents who want their kids to create games rather than playing games created by others with gadgets,Absolute startup for kids to develop their coding skills

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