Selenium Webdriver Commands Free Download

Selenium Webdriver Commands Free Download

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All Selenium WebDriver Commands are covered in a detailed and practical way

What you’ll learn

Complete list of Selenium WebDriver commands are practical demonstrated

All Selenium WebDriver commands are covered in a sequential manner

Learning Selenium WebDriver using different available commands

Selenium WebDriver Library Commands in detail and depth


Basics of Java Programming


In this course, I have covered all the Selenium WebDriver Commands in a detailed and practical way.This is a different way of learning Selenium Test Automation.This course will act like a guide or reference where you can find and learn any Selenium WebDriver command.The below are the different Selenium WebDriver Commands covered in this course:get Command, maximize Command, fullscreen Command, setSize Command, findElement Command, click Command, id Command, name Command, sendKeys Command, className Command, linkText Command, cssSelector Command, partialLinkText Command, clear Command, getText Command, getTitle Command, getCurrentUrl Command, close Command, quit Command, getAttribute Command, isDisplayed Command, isEnabled Command, isSelected Command, getScreenshotAs Command, getPageSource Command, navigate Command, submit Command, getTagName Command, getSize Command, getLocation Command, xpath Command, findElements Command, tagName Command, getCSSValue Command, getClass Command, getWindowHandle, getWindowHandles, switchTo and window – Selenium WebDriver Commands, selectByIndex Command, selectByVisibleText Command, selectByValue Command – Selenium WebDriver Command, isMultiple Command – Selenium WebDriver, getOptions Command – Selenium WebDriver, getFirstSelectedOption Command – Selenium WebDriver, getAllSelectedOptions Command – Selenium WebDriver, deselectByVisibleText Command – Selenium WebDriver, deselectByIndex Command – Selenium WebDriver, deselectByValue Command, deselectAll Command, frame Command, parentFrame Command, defaultContent Command, pageLoadout Command, setScriptout Command, implicitlyWait Command, until and visibilityOfElementLocated Commands, elementToBeClickable Command, invisibilityOfElementLocated Command, alert, getText, accept and dismiss commands, alertIsPresent Command, sendKeys Command of Alert interface, moveToElement Command, click Command of Actions Class, dragAndDropBy Command, contextClick Command, doubleClick Command, dragAndDrop Command, keyDown and keyUp Commands, sendKeys Command of Actions Class, chord Command, switchTo Command, build and perform Commands, executeScript Command, executeAysncScript Command , getCookies Command, getCookieNamed Command, addCookie Command, deleteCookieNamed Command, deleteCookie Command and deleteAllCookies Command


Section 1: Selenium WebDriver Commands

Lecture 1 get Command

Lecture 2 maximize Command

Lecture 3 fullscreen Command

Lecture 4 setSize Command

Lecture 5 findElement Command

Lecture 6 click Command

Lecture 7 id Command

Lecture 8 name Command

Lecture 9 sendKeys Command

Lecture 10 className Command

Lecture 11 linkText Command

Lecture 12 cssSelector Command

Lecture 13 partialLinkText Command

Lecture 14 clear Command

Lecture 15 getText Command

Lecture 16 getTitle Command

Lecture 17 getCurrentUrl Command

Lecture 18 close Command

Lecture 19 quit Command

Lecture 20 getAttribute Command

Lecture 21 isDisplayed Command

Lecture 22 isEnabled Command

Lecture 23 isSelected Command

Lecture 24 getScreenshotAs Command

Lecture 25 getPageSource Command

Lecture 26 navigate Command

Lecture 27 submit Command

Lecture 28 getTagName Command

Lecture 29 getSize Command

Lecture 30 getLocation Command

Lecture 31 xpath Command

Lecture 32 findElements Command

Lecture 33 tagName Command

Lecture 34 getCSSValue Command

Lecture 35 getClass Command

Lecture 36 getWindowHandle, getWindowHandles, switchTo and window – Selenium WebDri

Lecture 37 selectByIndex Command

Lecture 38 selectByVisibleText Command

Lecture 39 selectByValue Command

Lecture 40 isMultiple Command

Lecture 41 getOptions Command

Lecture 42 getFirstSelectedOption Command

Lecture 43 getAllSelectedOptions Command

Lecture 44 deselectByVisibleText Command

Lecture 45 deselectByIndex Command

Lecture 46 deselectByValue Command

Lecture 47 deselectAll Command

Lecture 48 frame Command

Lecture 49 parentFrame Command

Lecture 50 defaultContent Command

Lecture 51 pageLoadout Command

Lecture 52 setScriptout Command

Lecture 53 implicitlyWait Command

Lecture 54 until and visibilityOfElementLocated Commands

Lecture 55 elementToBeClickable Command

Lecture 56 invisibilityOfElementLocated Command

Lecture 57 alert, getText, accept and dismiss command

Lecture 58 alertIsPresent Command

Lecture 59 sendKeys Command of Alert interface

Lecture 60 moveToElement Command

Lecture 61 click Command of Actions Class

Lecture 62 dragAndDropBy Command

Lecture 63 contextClick Command

Lecture 64 doubleClick Command

Lecture 65 dragAndDrop Command

Lecture 66 keyDown and keyUp Commands

Lecture 67 sendKeys Command of Actions Class

Lecture 68 chord Command

Lecture 69 switchTo Command

Lecture 70 build and perform Commands

Lecture 71 executeScript Command

Lecture 72 executeAysncScript Command

Lecture 73 getCookies Command

Lecture 74 getCookieNamed Command

Lecture 75 addCookie Command

Lecture 76 deleteCookieNamed Command

Lecture 77 deleteCookie Command

Lecture 78 deleteAllCookies Command

New to Selenium and would like to it using its commands in a sequential, easy, practical, organized and detailed manner

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