Shading: The Dance of Light & Shadow

Shading: The Dance of Light & Shadow

 Shading: The Dance of Light & Shadow
Learn how to shade any shape realistically with artist & illustrator PaperCuervo!
In this class, we do some hands-on learning of the way light and shadow react around an image and how to best communicate it visually into your drawings.

This class is for artists of all skill levels and I encourage all of you to draw along with me in each course to get the most out of each lesson.

Key Lessons Include:

    • How light wraps around different forms
    • Contrasting and blending values across your drawings
    • Finding shadow shapes and core shadows to structure out your drawing
    • A secret practice technique I’ve never shown anyone before ;0

I look forward to helping you along your artist journey and I encourage you to post your class drawings in the project tab for me to see! (Also let me know if your okay with critiques!)